Benefits of owning a self-hosted NewsBlur?

I self-hosted my own Miniflux instance and just wanna try NewsBlur. I know I can signup in public instance but is there any benefits of self-hosting one? Can I enjoy premium functions in self-hosted NewsBlur?

You would get the premium features by self-hosting, but that comes at the cost of hosting it. If you already have a way to host it, it might be worth it. Bare minimum hosting for something like Linode or Digital Ocean is already $5/mo. At the end of the day, I use NewsBlur for a couple hours a day so $3/mo seems reasonable for Samuel to have to deal with all that infrastructure nonsense, and I say that as someone that deals with all that infrastructure nonsense for my day job. :slight_smile:


Perhaps you’ll find joy with

Yep, self-hosting gives you all the benefits of unlimited premium accounts. You can also tune the unread date to be as long as you like, so a feed’s stories can stay unread for as long as you like.

I’ll warn you though, you’ll be paying a lot more than $3/month in electricity if you choose to self-host.

Here’s the instructions:

Basically, download the repo and type make nb.

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I already own my self-hosted machine so I really dun mind adding 1 more container =) I need to taste whether NB suits my ready habit.

BTW, is it only support x86 docker? I failed to make nb in my arm machine…

Should be able to run now, we just shipped multiarch docker builds.