Videos don't play properly in in-app browser on iPhone

For several weeks now, when I view an article in Newsblur’s in-app browser on my iPhone 4S (7.1, now 7.1.1) and try to play back an embedded video in the article, the video appears to start loading and sometimes plays for a split second, but then the video disappears, the view turns all-white (no content), and I can’t get it to reload. I end up having to exit the in-app browser and instead open the article in Safari, which plays the video just fine. This is 100% reproducible, and seems to occur in any feed – any article in which there is an embedded video – so I kept thinking it must be a known bug and would be fixed, yet it persists all these weeks later…

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Yeah, I’ve heard a couple reports of this, but it’s likely related to 7.1. What’s the feed that causes it? I’ll subscribe and see if I can trigger it.

Same problem. iPad Air. Version 7.1.1 imbedded videos sometimes play in the in app browser but switching to full screen crashes the app. So far, always.

Seems to happen on any/every feed I have subscribed to. If you want one to try, how about The Verge.

So I’m going to need more data, because I’m sorry to say that I can’t reproduce the issue. Both on iPad and iPhone videos work just fine. I went to the Verge and loaded a video and it played. I also play videos pretty regularly as I use the app and haven’t had an issue.

So tell me anything that might be customized. Although I’m not sure what the case could be, but I can’t figure out what the issue is. I’m running iOS 7.1.1 on an iPhone 5.

iOS 7.1.1, iPhone 4S, and whatever is the latest NewsBlur version. As you said, not much can be customized beyond that. I haven’t really messed with any of the default NewsBlur app settings. It happens regardless of whether I’m on Wi-Fi or cellular. From what schmoo wrote, it sounds like it has to do with the video going fullscreen, which is optional on an iPad but happens automatically on an iPhone.

I can capture a video recording of the problem occurring later this evening and post it, if that would help.

I, too, have this issue. Video launches in full screen, immediately returns to Newsblur screen and then goes all white save for the back and share buttons on the top of the app screen. Incredibly frustrating, as I previously could watch videos in the app.

iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.1.

Hello all,

This bug is something that I had reported during the last beta phase here:…

I’ve even made a video reproducing the problem.

Samuel: do you need anything more to correct it? It’s a really annoying bug, I’d gladly help in any way I can.


Exact same problem. 4S, in-app, any feed, video starts to load then goes white. Really hoping there’s a fix or will have to start looking for a second best reader.

Ditto will provide any info that helps.

I’m seeing the same issue as these guys. I’ve pasted below some newsblur lines from the console when this happens. These 5 lines always seem to appear and no other newsblur lines that I’ve seen. Not sure if it will help.

May 15 22:47:35 Mine-Phone NewsBlur[17214] : changeWebViewWidth: {{1280, 0}, {320, 504}}
May 15 22:47:35 Mine-Phone NewsBlur[17214] : changeWebViewWidth: {{1600, 0}, {320, 504}}
May 15 22:47:35 Mine-Phone NewsBlur[17214] : changeWebViewWidth: {{960, 0}, {320, 504}}
May 15 22:47:35 Mine-Phone NewsBlur[17214] : layout for stories: {{0, 64}, {320, 504}}
May 15 22:47:36 Mine-Phone NewsBlur[17214] : Story Page Control did appear

Interesting. That means that the video is rotating and forcing the story to redraw, which means the video loses its webview. Anything happening in landscape mode?

Same issue in landscape. Video begins to open (or opens for approximately one second), and then white screen. Can we get a fix soon please?

Oh how I’d love to have a fix for this! :slight_smile:

Wait, this only happens in the web browser and not in the story?

Yes. You have to go into the webview and then hit play on a video.

It happens when the video comes after clicking “Read More…” and opens the full story within the app.

I think my last comment was a red herring. Those logs seem to happen when you switch back from the webview. I just pulled up the app in the simulator and the issue definitely exists there. Still trying to pin it down.

It seems to be something to do with viewDidDisappear being called in OriginalStoryViewController.m when the video starts playing. I tried commenting out the contents of that function and the video works after that.


In case you want to see the behavior “live”, I had done a video reproducing the problem in the ticket I opened during the beta (it was happening with the betas, but also after that with the releases)

I have an update nearly ready to go, so I’ll try to get this fixed for Monday. I didn’t realize it was in the original view only, which is why I didn’t catch it earlier.