Story Feed Reaching End Prior to Last Post

Since the recent upgrades, I’ve been noticing an ongoing and pretty easy to duplicate issue where a feed, read in “Feed” mode, reaches the bottom when in reality, several posts remain.

It is pretty easy to duplicate - go to a feed with a lot of stories (30+) and begin scrolling thru it on web. Eventually I will reach the “end”, but several unread feeds will remain. Clicking the feed again will reload the remaining stories. Sometimes for a large feed of stories, I have to do this multiple times to get thru all the feeds.

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Feels the same as this I emailed Samuel a video showing it happening


Please post a full browser screenshot of this happening. I really need to see if you have Unread Only or All Stories and Oldest First or Newest First.

Yes - this thread sounds the same issue as this!

@samuelclay - here is a full browser screenshot. This feed has Unread-Newest First, All stories (which is my normal way of browsing).

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This only happens when you actively read stories right? If you don’t read any stories, do they all come in?

Not quite sure what you mean by that, the only way to know if they all come in is if your read them, or maybe I don’t follow what you are asking.
In my RSS client (I use Reeder) I don’t have any issues with the stories matching the count (that I know of, it feels OK).
I just did a test with the iPhone Newsblur app and it did the same as per the video I shared before via email (on Saturday, subject: From Forum post to show whats happening). Let me share a video see here. I added CNN as a feed as a test as I knew it would have loads of articles. I have Unread/Oldest as the options at the top and Feed/Full at the bottom. Dunno if it matters but I use Chrome on macOS.

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Finally I can reproduce it! Ok I’ll have a fix in the next 24 hours I hope. Unfortunately I’m leaving on trip until next week but I’ll try to figure this one out. Thanks so much for that video!

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Thank you!

And thank you @MikeC!

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I was able to reproduce the issue when stories are read. Basically the list loader is sharing the same list as the unread stories list (which is new, instead of being pre-computed every time you load a page), which means that as you read stories, they are being removed from the unread stories list and paging skips over the stories you haven’t seen.

In other words, with 6 stories per page on individual feeds, if you were to read every story in a feed that has 50 stories, you should have 50/2 + 50/6=25+8=33 unreads left at the end. This bug I’ve identified and will fix soon enough.

Now, if you just scroll through a feed without marking it as read and you still don’t see every story, that would be a new issue that I haven’t seen yet.

Happens in Newest First as well, but only on single feeds. I believe I found the bug for folders, but I can’t deploy it until tonight. I’ll update this thread then.

Hey Samuel - just thought I’d check on the status of this. Is a fix still in the works?

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This should be working as expected. I just tested it out and counts are working correctly since the last two weeks.

It’s still doing it (the problem) for me

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Still happening to me too. It shows roughly half of the stories, refresh, then about half of the remaining, refresh, etc.
127 – 61 – 27 – 10 – 0
In this case, I had to refresh 3 times to see all of the stories.

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Same here. This has been happening since the redesign and it has been driving me mad.


This bug is still present when reading Oldest First / Unread only. I fixed it for both Newest first and for All Stories. I’ll see what I can do about getting this one fixed soon.

Still having the problem on Newest-Unread

Can also confirm this remains problematic for me with Unread / Newest first.

Ok, I just launched a fix. It looks like I broke this on June 23rd, so about a month of this happening. But now both Oldest first and Newest first in Unread only on single feeds should load all stories correctly. Let me know how that works out.

Seems to be fixed. Thank-you.