Only a subset of stories are shown

On the web interface, only a subset of the stories are shown. The “end-of-feed” circular icon is shown and hitting “j” or scrolling down shows no further stories. The feed counter shows there are still lots of stories left to read and hitting reload (r) loads additional stories, but NOT ALL OF THEM. Sometimes it’s necessary to hit reload 3-6 times to get through a feed. This only started happening since the new interface was implemented.

Browser is Windows Chrome Version 103.0.5060.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Also: these aren’t stories that were added after you started reading the feed. The counter shows the stories were already there at the start. I also can’t tell any rhyme or reason with how many stories are shown before it stops. It seems to be different everytime. I should probably be calling these articles and not stories.


Yeah I call them stories but others use articles. Articles didn’t sound right, same as I prefer to delete a site instead of unsubscribe a feed.

As for the issue, I kinda need to see what you mean. Are you reading specific folders or individual feeds? Are you in Unread Only or All Stories? Oldest or Newest first?

I need to figure out what’s going on so a screenshot of it happening would be helpful.

I have had the same thing happen, when I had a lot of stories unread this morning, I made a video to show this. @samuelclay I’ll email you a link to the video with what I did to show it happening.

Individual feeds. It seems to happen on every feed since the software change. Unread only. Newest first.

Someone might not notice the problem if they don’t have the unread article count turned on. Although I can’t remember how to turn it on and off.

It happens on IOS as well.