Space bar *always* jumps to next story

The new space bar functionality is not working for me. Instead of jumping to the next story while scrolling past the end of the current story, space bar always jumps to the next story.

I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu.

As a side note, I would like to be able to disable this new functionality in the preferences.

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yeah, previously this scrolled. which is sad.

Chrome on OSX.

Can you post a screenshot? I bet this is just a bug in a mode I didn’t consider.

Ah-ha, in List view, right? I’ll get that fixed momentarily.

yeah, list view. can’t screenshot because… you can’t really see anything happening.

The screenshot was only to determine the set of modes. All stories vs single story, list view vs split view, top/left/right split, etc. Anyhoo, I’m working on making space bar scroll to the end of the story and then automatically open the next story.

This has been fixed for the List view. It now scrolls until it reaches the end of the story (actually 50 pixels above the bottom) and then moves to the next story.

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confirmed fix! thanks.

I’d also like to disable this feature.
(Also I’d like to disable Imperfect Proxy, which I find does more harm then good :slight_smile:

I do appreciate the effort, but these features are just not for me.

Hmm, how are you using it differently than before? It only engages the next story if you scroll beyond the story, so I don’t see a reason to expose this as a preference, since you wouldn’t be running into it anyhow.

The problem is with text view.

This is how it typically goes:
While scanning through articles in list view I see something that’s interesting. I press shift-enter to switch to the temporary text view. I skim the article pressing the space bar to scroll and accidentally press it one too many times while I’m reading the last paragraph. So now I’m looking at the wrong article and in the wrong reading mode. I have to go back to the article I was reading, press shift-enter again, and find my way back to the end of the article, this time being REALLY careful not to press the space bar one too many times.

It’s a lot easier if the space bar only scrolls, and doesn’t advance the article. The space bar is also handy if I want to quickly skip to the end of a long article, I can just hold it down.

Few, that was long winded. I hope you could follow all that. It’s hard to describe this stuff with text.


I was coming here to report the same experience/problem and saw this thread. With the new behavior, I’m constantly accidentally jumping to the new story when trying to read the last paragraph of an article. Is it at all possible this could be made an option?

Yes, I’m finding this frequently annoying.

Pressing space might accidentally take you to the next article before you’re done with it (eg. wanted to save for later).  Worse, it might take you to a whole other folder losing the article you wanted to read (Fortunately Read Stories comes to the rescue here to find) it again.  Worse still, I sometimes might hold down space to get to the bottom of the story, but now this might zoom through marking lots of stories as read against my wishes.

I need to teach myself never to use the spacebar as it’s dangerous.

Can we please have a way to turn it off?

This is currently happening to me in all views, as far as I can tell. I thought it was a purposeful change. It’s really making it hard to read stories. If it’s purposeful, *please* give us the option to revert.

Did this preference get added? I’ve looked a few times but haven’t seen it. Thanks!

Same here… prefer not opt out of the new feature.

I don’t see it either.  Keyboard preferences still has a slider to select what percentage of the screen will scroll with each press of the spacebar.  If there’s a preference to revert to the original behavior, I haven’t found it.

Hi Samuel

It’s been a week now, but that preference still doesn’t seem to be there (or I’m blind?).

Do you know when you’ll be pushing this out for all of us to use?

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What percentages do people have their space bar set to? I think the default is 40%. Does everybody set it to 90-100?

I have it at the default: 40%.