Something wrong with servers or feeds?

My feeds loads very slow. Sometimes i read posts but they pop-up as unread. Looks like something wrong with servers or NewsBlur itself. The problem appeared yesterday.

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What browser extensions are you running? Adblock can cause these issues.

I’ve been seeing similar things across IOS and my Mac. It started maybe 36 or 48 hours ago. Lots of “NEWSBLUR TIMED OUT TRYING TO CONNECT. JUST TRY AGAIN.” messages after loading 5 or 6 stories from a feed that has many more unread stories.


No, im not using any ad blockers. The issue seems like global because i have similiar problems with android app. Feeds updates normally but there some problem with service itself or with my internet connection. But back in the days everything was ok.  

Sorry for bad englando

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Been getting this in iOS and Firefox on Mac and Windows, also since a week ago, but with a big drop starting yesterday.
I also noticed that I have a misbehaving feed that is now muted - any of you guys have this one?


I’m seeing the same kinds of things - started yesterday.  Sometimes the page load times out, sometimes just fine.  50% of stories not getting marked as read so they show up in the feed again after a page reload.

I tweeted about this on Thursday - confirmed it is still happening.  The android app is also slow to the point of unable to load any feeds.

This doesn’t seem isolated to any specific feeds, its pretty much all of them.  


Wanted to just add one more name to this list.  I have been having similar problems across two windows computers and my android phone.  Feeds taking a long time to load, stories I have read being marked as unread, and extreme slowness “catching up reading actions” on andoid as well.

Had the same on PC (Chrome), Mac (Chrome), and  iOS. Started yesterday, continuing today.

I can’t get anything to load now, just see “Everything on its way”…

Yes, I’m seeing the same problem the past couple of days (I thought it was just me!) on multiple browsers (Safari & Opera for Mac), and also for iOS (iPad and iPhone).

For example, using the web version, if I click on a folder and there are 30 stories to read, there are 6 or 7 stories shown in the top right pane, and one has to scroll down to see more. At some point, rather than getting to the bottom of the list of all articles in that pane, it tries to load additional stories from the server but never finishes.

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I’ve been having the same problems, slow no/loads, everything on its way. 

There was a brief network slowdown two days ago, but that was brief and resolved. My logs show that activity is normal and all systems are behaving perfectly. Which is a problem, because that means it’s either Digital Ocean’s upstream provider (possible, but unlikely) or something else.

I can only measure what happens to traffic once it hits the main load balancer. I measure and log everything and there just hasn’t been anything on my side that could cause this. It doesn’t mean you aren’t experiencing issues, it just means that it’s out of my hands.

If this happens again, can somebody keep their network log open and tell me what error you get? Ideally you can give http headers as well. That will tell me which system gave you a timeout, whether it was gunicorn, nginx, haproxy, or something else.

Thx for response.
For now everything seems like ok

With the android app I can get one feed fine. The second one often gets stuck on loading. I can kill the app using the task switcher and relaunch and the feed that was stuck always loads virtually instantly.

Samuel - did you want a wireshark capture or something else??

No feeds coming through, using Mozilla Firefox.

Having issues right now as well.  network connection to where the server looks open, but the server itself seems to be timing out.

Lots of similar issues the past few days. On Android the colored loading bars keep changing but nothing shows up. I manually ended the task, cleared the cache, and it loaded. I marked all as read, then when I opened newsblur on chrome (PC) the same stories were there, unread. The whole newsblur experience has been quirky a few days now.

Just to reiterate an earlier post above, I do also get the “Newsblur timed out trying to connect. Just try again.” message on the web interface (message appears at the very bottom of the page).

It’s intermittent, which makes it the worst kind of issue to debug.

Just a theory, but based on the intermittent nature, perhaps one of the servers behind the load balancer is misbehaving or dead? If a user “hits” that misbehaving server, perhaps only then does the issue arise?