Since latest update, iOS UI a little wonky


I’ve noticed a few glitchy behaviours in the iOS app UI ever since the latest update (v.9). Often it seems related to when I open a link in browser and then tab back into NewsBlur.

For example, in the first photo the post being displayed is read, but in the left pane it is showing as sort of half-greyed out and the thin leftmost bar shows it as unread. This is after having already displayed as “actually” read /fully greyed. The actual state also seems to be read, because attempting to mark it as read by dragging in the left pane resets it to unread.

In this one you can see at the bottom the cogwheel and plus sign have turned bright blue for some reason. If I tap on the wheel for a second it reverts immediately to the correct colour scheme.

Here you can see two tabs for “Scroll horizontally”.

Lastly, unpictured bug but perhaps the most annoying one - sometimes it seems when I shift between a link opened in browser and back to NewsBlur, it un-marks-as-read that story, and marks a DIFFERENT story as read. I suspect but am not sure that the one it is marking as read instead of the correct one has taken on the correct one’s previous index number of unread stories because it seems usually to be the story immediately adjacent to where the correct story had been. Sorry if that is unclear - it’s hard to depict but something is clearly going wrong.


I’m seeing something similar to this in the latest IOS version. I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to determine sequence to reproduce (I’ll try to pay attention), but it has happened several times. My app will get into a state where I can select a story on the left, but the view on the right will not change. it will change to read in that view, but when I go back to the main screen of the app, it will be there with all the others as not read. I can’t read stories until I kill the app and load again.


Thanks for writing this up. I’ve posted a ticket here: