iPad app portrait mode problem

NewsBlur iOS app on iPad in portrait mode fails to redraw screen properly after switch to another app then return. Left side article listing pane becomes blank. If an article was open on the right, on return it appears like a weird pop up window. Can no longer tap anything “underneath”.

If I kill the NewsBlur app (double click Home, swipe app up) and restart, then it once again works fine (until I switch away again).

It always works fine in Landscape mode, no problems.

NewsBlur 9.1
iOS 13.2.2
iPad Pro 10.5”

This started happening recently. Not sure if it coincided with an iOS update or a NewsBlur update, or both.

Yes, looks like there are a some reports of this same iPad portrait-mode problem within this “wonky” thread - from Zach Scott and others. Same exact issue, same workarounds to temporarily fix (either kill/restart app, or switch to landscape mode).

Can you post screenshots? I use the iPad app a ton now and have not come across these issues since we updated the app. Although, come to think of it I’m not sure the latest changed were released. I’ll see about pushing that out.

NewsBlur article view after switching away then returning to app. Note left side is blank.

NewsBlur with article open, after switching away then returning to app. Article seems to “pop over” underlying lists, can’t tap list anymore.

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Consistently seeing this as well,

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I keep adding to the iOS app update and now it’s a whopper of a release. I hope it will be done by the end of the month.