Runs out of story items when reading feeds and have to reload page to get more

When I’m reading my feeds in story mode using the up/down arrows by next unread it only seems to load ~20 items and then the buttons stop going to next unread. When this happens I have to click on All Site Stories and it fetches new feeds, which is a pain.

Is there some reason it doesn’t let me view all my unread feeds at once?


This also happens for me with the keyboard shortcuts (K/J, N/P, Shift-E).

I am using the Unread-Newest view. It seems to correspond with times when the All Site Stories view is slow to load as well so it might just be an overloaded server failing to load the next “page” of items.

Yep. After every 10-20 stories I view, the stories stop loading and I have to reload (hitting ‘r’ is the easiest way) but then I have the same problem again.

And to be clear: This is for an individual feed, NOT a folder.

I think I’m having the same problem.

(Premium account) I click “All Site Stories” and begin using “J” to navigate through them. At a certain point, I have to hit “R” to continue down the list of new stories.

Is there a preference I’ve missed somewhere?

Same here :slight_smile: I also use keyboard navigation to browse “All site stories”

Now I found the bug on iOS, but I can’t reproduce the issue on the web. The iOS bug was probably different, although it had the same effect. Can you answer this: does the cutoff happen predictably? Do you have to read every story before it happens? If you just scroll down to the bottom, it just works?

Not sure—I’ll let a bunch of stories build up and check back.

Also, are you in Unread Only or All Stories mode when reading per-feed?

All site stories with Unread Only. Happens on ios and web.

Just noticed it again. Went to (with default folder set to “All Site Stories”), hit “j” to proceed through the list (in “text” view). Only got 16 stories before the list ended and I was forced to reload to get the rest.

This has become a frequent occurrence for me in the last few days (while reading a folder in “Unread Only” mode).

Nicholas, are you in Unread Only mode or All Stories mode?

Vadim, can you try with All Stories instead of Unread Only?

Just did a quick test and it seems to work fine with “All Stories” (I scrolled through enough stories to trigger the story fetch a couple of times).

I had Chrome DevConsole open this time. None of the requests failed.
This was the river_stores response:
{“authenticated”: true, “elapsed_time”: 0.05, “stories”: [], “result”: “ok”, “message”: null, “classifiers”: {}, “user_profiles”: []}

This was the feeds_unread_count response:
{“feeds”: {“805032”: {“ps”: 0, “nt”: 0, “id”: 805032, “ng”: 0}}, “authenticated”: true, “result”: “ok”, “social_feeds”: {}}

Hope that helps?

This is really frustrating…

I know it is, but I don’t have enough data to reproduce it. I pushed out a fix last week that should have fixed it, but it may not have. It certainly fixed the issue on iOS, but that means I just haven’t seen it recently on the web. I need as much data as possible, so describe how many feeds are in the folder you’re reading, along with rough unread counts.

I just need to know how many pages should have been there. There are 12 stories per page (you can kind of see this when you scroll). Were there supposed to be only 2 pages or several dozen pages? How long does it take for the list to end? If you load a folder and just immediately scroll down, do all of the stories load? If you load a folder, wait 5-10 minutes without reading, then scroll down, do all of the stories load?

Does it only happen if you read all of the stories first? Does this seem reasonable: 36 unread stories, load and read 12, load another 12 (which are actually stories #25-36, due to the offset from having read 12 stories), and then it’s done?

Happens to me too and pretty often lately. I usually read things by folders.

Happens to me as well (and has been happening for a while) when I read by folder or especially with All site stories, Oldest first and Unread only as this mode ends up with more feed items. Usually, if I stop a lot along the way and read a lot of articles thoroughly, I get farther than if I’m just skipping through (and I do not mean that I’m not waiting for it to load the next batch, it simply tells me there’s no next batch). Sometimes also when I refresh I get feed items that judging by their post time I should’ve passed already (e.g. I reach an item listed on 18th of sep., refresh, and see an article from the 17th), though I’m not sure if it only ignores certain feeds/folders or if it maybe skips a 12-item chunk or something. I can live with this as I generally don’t have that many items piled up to begin with (max. about 100, if I’m being diligent), but it is bothersome.

Hi, this happens to me and that’s annoying… It’s something new, i have this from the last days.
To me it’s in a folder, with maybe 10 feeds and with 40/50 unread items. I’m in unread only view, i sort by oldest first and i clearly see that some items miss, so i have to refresh.
That’s all the data i can share :3
Oh, and, i think of that now, maybe thats with the oldest first view, i’m not sure…

Thanks !