Rules and automated tagging

I am still evaluating the free version, is it possible to create ruled in the “Pro” version, where I can define actions, that should be taken?


If title contains "ABC"
or title contains "XYZ"
then apply tag "Sports" and mark as read.

Sorry for asking, but I started testing NewsBlur some months ago, had not much time and now came back again.

I like this idea

I also like this suggestion

Is this feature planned?
Then I can send you some mockups.

I’d love to see mockups, but know that tagging stories with folder titles doesn’t exactly fit with NewsBlur’s hierarchy. We have folders and feeds are already in those folders. What does tagging imply then?

@samuelclay I am a bit confused about the “Folder Titles” you mentioned.
Therefore, let me clarify, what I need.

I have two RSS feeds, that I am following with NewsBlur.
One from a German PC magazine (Heise Online News) and a German News Channel (Tagesschau).

In the Heise Online News I want to tag all articles, containing specific words (like “Leak”, “Vulnerability”, “CVSS”) in the title with the tag “Security”.
When there are any articles with this tag, then I will read them first (because they are very important".
This requires, that you also have a list of tags, so I see, that there are 3 news with the tag “Security”.
This is the action “Apply Tag” I described above.
There are multiple other examples for these rules.

The action “Mark as Read” in combination with “Apply Tag” is useful for the following:
I am not interested in some topics, like Sports.
Therefore, articles about Soccer, Football, Basketball, etc are not interesting for me.
With rules I can label them all with “Sports” and mark them as “Read”, so these articles are not appearing in the “Tagesschau” RSS channel.
But I have the possibility to view all news with the Tag “Sports” to see, if there is a news marked with this tag, that is interesting.

I know you have the Intelligence Trainer.
But here I do now have the opportunity to see all news, that are filtered out.

See also these topics:

The rules are not only useful to mark some articles as read.
They are very much needed to perform specific actions, like adding a tag, notifying the user and many more actions.