Beginner Questions


I am new to NewsBlur and I have some questions and I am using the Android App of NewsBlur.

I have added 3 RSS feeds and have trained some words as “bad” (thump down).
Now these RSS messages are marked with a red icon.
How can I mark all “red colored” messages at read?
How can I see only “green marked messages”?
How can I see only “red marked messages”?

I do not get any “number of unread messages” counter on the icon on my home screen (in other apps I have this icon).
When I open a RSS feed, press the menu icon, select “Notifications”, then I see that the checkbox “Disable Notifications” is checked.
But I can not check an other checkbox.
Is this a limitation in the fre version?

Kind regards


To see only focus stories, the ones in green, simply choose Focus at the bottom of the feed list. If you want to see hidden stories, the ones in red, hit the “Show Hidden Stories” button at the top of the story list. This button only shows up when there are hidden stories, but you can use it on folders to find those hidden stories easily enough.

There are only feed subscription limitations in the free version. Notifications should work fine. Please post a screenshot if you still have questions!

Hello Samuel,

I onlly have the “Show Hidden Stories” button in the web version, but I read the news only in Android.
When will this button come to the Android app?
And it would be cool to have a button to see ONLY the red stories.

In the screen shot above you see, that “Disable Notifications” for this list is activated.
When I select any other checkbox, nothing happens (the first checkbox remains chekcked).

Next, I can not search (NewsBlur tells me, that this is a Pro feature).
This costs €3,25 per month, a bit much, when I just have 3 RSS feeds that I want to read.
Any plans to adjust this for users, that need max. 5 RSS feeds?


Never mind, I uninstalled Newsblur from my Android device and stay at my old RSS reader!

Sorry it didn’t work out. NewsBlur doesn’t support showing hidden stories apart from unread and focus stories. We used to and people would use red, yellow, and green as markers/categories, but that didn’t work with the user experience we now have, which is much simpler and works for more people. That unfortunately means that not everyone is on the path to success here.

I work as a Usability Engineer, therefore I know, that Usability and UX (User Experience) are important aspects in application design.

The user @ArminWeb also asked for the same feature here:

So, this is a feature, which is also important to other users.

@samuelclay I encourage you to add an additional icon at the bottom, which shows only the filtered feeds.
This way I can mark all news that are not important (filtered out) as read and then focus on the important news.

Hello, new to newsblur on firefox browser and when I add a number of feeds and then go to “all stories”, for some reason only two stories out of all the unread stories show up? tried refreshing / reloading, with the same behaviour, and checked preferences.

Do those stories load on individual feeds? Likely you’re hitting the free user limitation since free users can’t read folders. Or rather they can, but only 3 stories show up at a time.

Thanks for the quick reply! Indeed that seems to be case. Was unsure what “River of News (reading by folder)” meant - thanks.