Reverse your surprise billing

I signed up last year to try it out and even paid for a premium subscription. I ended up not using this product. Ten minutes ago, with *zero* warning, you billed me for a renewal. I’ve just logged in for the first time this year, any probably for the 1st time in over 9 months, to cancel things and delete everything.

Please refund the unexpected billing of USD 36 to my card - my username is “suter”.


This has also happened to me. I didn’t pay for a premium subscription last year and you’ve now charged me for another year. Please refund or I will have to dispute the charge with my bank.


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+1. A public apology would be nice, too.

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Irritating especially when you allowed me to setup a second subscription so you’ve debited me twice!

Same here. Tried it out but HATED it because its so slow. Color me PISSED

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+1. Please refund the charge to my account as well. I’m not using Newsblur and I don’t intend to.

I was also billed today, I haven’t used NewsBlur in 10 months, How do i request a refund?

Paypal ID: james DOT schramm AT gmail DOT com


+1. I’d like a refund for the $12 dollars charged on my PayPal account. My username is arfserra .

I am also requesting the same. I have not signed on to this site in 10 or 11 months like the posters above, I would like a refund.

Ditto for me too. I guess it pays to check Paypal for auto subscriptions. I notice that no one from Newblur has responded to this thread.

The “no one from Newsblur” is just one guy who is still asleep. Wait a few hours for him to wake up :slight_smile:

Please refund $36 from me. scottfromny is the account name.

I would also like a refund. I’m not currently using the service, and I honestly can’t afford that much taken from my account. – user name desertsunrise, email desertsunrise84 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thanks.

Add me to this list. Haven’t used it in quite some time; a warning would have been nice.

username is arroznegro

email is news.blur at jayrice dot .com

+1 for this situation username Pie4Weebl

Same here, signed up when Google Reader went down and never used the service, now just got an email that my paypal was charged! I want a refund.
Username: karbuco
karbuco at yahoo dot com

Follow NewsBlur user here.

To everyone in this thread: PLEASE UNDERSTAND what you sign-up for when you use PayPal payments. NewsBlur isn’t the problem here, it’s with you not seeing that your payment was an annual subscription.


I think most of us understand that – we just want a refund.

Fuck you. I used stripe for payment directly through this site, and there are no settings available on this webpage to disable annual subscriptions or anything like that.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND, that you are adding nothing of value to this thread.

I hope most of you do. :slight_smile: The first five comments clearly didn’t though.