Reverse your surprise billing

I’m happy to give refunds. I’m also only happy when users enjoy using NewsBlur. But please email me your usernames. I have no way to track who wants what and who was given a refund here.

Email with your username and I’ll get back to you within a few hours.


Hi guys, I am in no way affiliated with Newsblur but thought I’d chime in here on why you probably haven’t heard a response yet. Newsblur is not some corporation with a full time staff. It’s one guy. And he works his ass off on Newsblur. I’m sure you will hear from him soon and he will make it right.
Again, I have no affiliation with him but I’ve been using Newsblur for the past year and I’ve witnessed first hand how responsive he is considering he is one man. This thread, and others I’ve seen with similar issues, was created in the overnight hours PST, which I believe is where the developer lives. Please keep that in mind.


Pretty sure Sam lives on the US west coast where it is 5am so give him a chance.

He usually has no issues providing refunds, he just needs your username to identify the right account.