"Red" stories no longer showing


It looks like you changed how the site works recently.
Instead of the 3 dot system, I now see “All / Unread / Focus” sorting options.
This is when using www.newsblur.com, no beta urls or anything.

I have 58 red-dot stories that I want to review, but cannot due to this new system.

What’s going on?


I have the same problem, since the behaviour of the “Red” stories changed without notice.
If you click through all your feeds you can find and “Unhide” the red stories, but this is no real solution.

I started a thread about that earlier this week:

It really messed up my preferred way of using Newsblur, I’m still in a holding pattern while I decide how best to continue.

Yeah, red stories are now hidden. They are still there if you go into individual sites and click “Show Hidden Stories”. They should not have been used as a category, since the intention was to remove red stories, not just categorize them. It’s unfortunate that this is an abrupt change, but you do still have access to those stories.

What’s the best way to quickly remove all the “red rules” I currently have?

EDIT: I just retrained all of my feeds to take out red ones… I guess that works.

Update: clicking “Show Hidden Stories” will pop the titles in the river of news, but I am completely unable to view the posts. The bottom half of the reader remains blank, no matter what view type I chose.


Two rather annoying side-effects of this change:

  1. I now have a “red dot” count in my upper corner for feeds that still are recording red feeds, but that I can’t view.
  2. There is no visual indicator as to which feeds have red “hidden” stories. I get to click through each one, each day to find the red ones.

I’d be happy to remove any red classifiers you have. Just let me know your username.

I’ll be removing those red unread counts at some point soon.

If you could clear all red classifiers so I can start fresh, that would be great! (I tried to get most of them…)
Username: BLueSS

Also, currently API clients for Newsblur (like Blar) still display red dot stories. Will the API be changing as well, so 3rd party clients can’t access red-dots?


Third party clients can choose to display red stories, but the official apps will not.

Filters are your main selling point. Why are you screwing with them? Restore the previous system.

I’ve removed the red counter so you should no longer be bothered by hidden stories. The problem with having 3 filters is that it is too confusing for new users. This new system makes it much easier to use, as you only think about promoted/highlighted stories and everything else. Hidden stories are no longer a visible filter, but rather a way to remove stories you don’t want to read. It is not intended to be a way to sort stories into buckets.

This system is far easier for new users and if we aren’t constantly growing with new users, we won’t survive very long. We have to constantly think about the onboarding process and how to get new users to start using NewsBlur. That’s not an easy solution, and that means sometimes we will have to scale back complicated features down to their essence. In this case, red stories *were* confusing and the essence is that you were never intended to read them, only to hide them.

There seems to be a bug with the changes. I’m now getting some red-dot stories in my feed, despite no green tags or text searches in the title.

What’s your username, Jon? I’d love to figure that one out.

BLueSS :slight_smile:

Now, when pressing the “ALL” button, Newsblur shows all the sites, even the ones that have been read. Is this the intended behaviour? It duplicates the functionality when pressing on the number of sites at the top.

I think if you want to keep it like this, you should remove the action of pressing on the number of sites to toggle the display of read/unread sites.

I only kept that functionality at the top out of consideration for people who used to use it. I’ll take it out and make that only show the dashboard.

Try now. I just pushed out a change that makes intelligence more accurate on the river.

I’ll keep an eye on it and post back should I see any more reds. Thanks! :slight_smile: