phantom un/read items

“All Site Stories” List often shows items that I’ve already read as unread, and leaves them unaccounted for wherever the count of unread/focus items is (e.g. in the left sidebar or page title). See first screenshot.

Clicking on the feed in the sidebar shows only the actually-unread ones as unread. However, even though the view is supposed to be showing unread only, 22 read items show up in the list. See second screenshot.

Seems to happen quite often with this feed, which is the RSS output of a Yahoo Pipe that uses RSS of Craigslist searches as its many inputs. I haven’t verified it yet, but I’m fairly certain these phantom items do show up as just unread on the iPhone app.


Try marking the feed as read and see if the problem comes back.

It has come back this morning, see screenshot. I don’t identify any items in the earlier screenshots that are showing up in this one…

(This is on; maybe related?:…,…,… )

And yep, still happening.

Seems to be only this feed?

Still happening, and marking the whole folder read is not stemming the tide.

My Slashdot feed had something like this too just now. Refreshing fixed it.

Alxndr, did you load NewsBlur and then immediately open Slashdot? Immediately being < 10 seconds after loading NewsBlur.

I don’t remember, but I don’t think I did – I believe I went through all unread items, then saw that Slashdot said it still had six unread, so clicked on it and saw this with no items.

Still happening…

Here’s what happened just now after double-clicking the unread count in the left bar.

Obviously, this is still bugging me quite a lot. It makes this feed practically useless, and doesn’t give me lots of warm fuzzy feelings for the quality of the rest of the site…

…and then I hit “r” and it chugged for a bit, then showed all these “unread” items (including one from a different feed) even though all unread counts showed 0.

That’s a different issue. It seems double-clicking the unread count on craigslist feeds may not mark everything as read. But it’s just that feed, right?

Know that I’m rewriting all of the unread status code this week and next. I’ve pushed out huge updates over the past two days that will have an effect on this, so know that I’m not just sitting around.

Good to hear, thanks!

Yeah I think the doubleclick thing just affected that one feed.

Haven’t seen this problem in a few days now, I think.

This is cropping up again, on both the site and the iPhone app. I have a number of unread items, but none of them items show up under the All Site Stories menu option. They do show up when looking at individual folders.

Alxndr, I’m not sure why, but if you switch from Oldest first to Newest first, they all show up. I’m taking a look now.

Good news, I fixed the underlying bug, but it isn’t retroactive. In other words, it’ll take two weeks for those stories to disappear on their own. In the mean time, if you read them in newest-first mode you can get to them.

For a quick technical explanation: when stories change their guids (permalinks), their id hash was being incorrectly updated in the redis id database.

Unread items disappear after two weeks? What about saved items?

Saved items are forever. And only unread status ends after 2 weeks. The stories remain just fine.