None of my Feed are updating

Noticed this a couple of hours ago on my Nexus 7 tablet & now on my desktop, none of my feeds have updated now in over 2 hours. Considering the number of feeds I have it’s usually always have 10+ stories in it and I’m only showing 8 which are unread from a Followshoes which I have not marked as read.


I am having the same problem. On my desktop, phone and tablet.

Same here. NewsBlur appears to be completely broken.

Same here: no updates in Firefox on Windows 7 or in the Android app on Jelly Bean.

It’s definitely broken. Both my feeds and a coworker’s aren’t updating.

2:03 CST was the last time I had an update.

It would be nice to have some information.

More info. When I switch my left nav bar to “all”, I can scroll down clicking on each feed. The feeds with updates show up in a list in the right panel. “All Site Stories” does not show the list.

The counts at the top of the left nav bar are 0 - 0

Something is badly broken.

Neither Android app nor website have been working today since around 1PM Central.

Sooooo, I walked downstairs just now (8:00 p.m. CST) and brought up a different computer where … everything is working normally.

Just adding my voice. No updates on either my work or home computers since about 1pm Pacific

I have the issue you described. The feeds update, but the sidebar and feed counts do not; so when the sidebar is set to All, I can pick each feed to see unread stories.

Looks like the feeds are updating, but they are not showing up as “unread”. If you go to the All Stories view (instead of Unread), you will see all the posts there and it is showing them as read, even if you havent read them.

I’m seeing a handful of posts showing up in the “all” view, but definitely not all the posts that should be there.

I am not seeing any of my feeds even in All Stories. Been this way for several hours1

Yep, no feeds updating here either

I’m not seeing them in All Stories either.

I’ve tweeted Newsblur support re this problem.


Feeds are there for me too using Katie’s All Stories trick. Seems a family of squirrels has moved into the server room.

Nevermind. The one that was working now doesn’t. I guess it updated it’s app … to a broken state.

Use the force, kitty. Use it quickly!