NewsBlur cuts off background audio

For the past couple of updates, just launching Newsblur for iOS causes background audio (podcasts, iTunes, Amazon music, etc) to stop. This is true when NewsBlur is just launching the article list, not even when loading an article that may or may not contain audio.

Similarly, if NewsBlur is already running and I just switch to it, background audio cuts off.

This wa swirling correctly until recently but I’m not sure which recent update triggered this behavior.

This is on an iPhone 11 running the latest iOS.

Anybody know why or can provide a workaround?


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Follow-up. This is still happening and looks like it’s a regression: iOS app v8.0 interrupts audio I'm listening to

Any suggestions would be welcome.


Still happens. I’m happy to collect any info needed to debug. Thanks.

+1, it’s driving me up a wall.
I would love for an option to just not allow newsblur to play audio. Most of the time it’s an ad autoplaying anyway.

A preference to not allowing audio to play would be helpful. I’ll see what I can do. Here’s the ticket:

Oops, I re-read the top of this thread and realized you wanted a different fix. Does NewsBlur stop audio still? I just checked and music continued to play.

I’m having this issue as well. I’m listening to music or a podcast or an audiobook, switch to NewsBlur, and it takes over the audio.

It’s quite annoying.

From what I can tell, it might be because NewsBlur thinks I’m about to start watching an auto-playing video on the next page, but the video has no audio.

It often happens that when I am swiping through global shared stories, I know there will be an embedded video on the next post I can’t see yet, because NewsBlur loads that page in advance, where I can’t see it yet, and the video starts auto playing, with sound too, it stops my podcast, etc.

This makes me think that the audio interruption issue is based on that. Somewhere an embedded video is taking over audio and pausing it. It doesn’t happen all the time, so it must be feed-content related.