iOS app v8.0 interrupts audio I'm listening to


It’s been a while, it’s my first time since the move from GetSatisfaction to this relatively new forum.

Anyway, the latest version of the iOS app has an odd bug: Sometimes, when I open my list of unread articles or a feed list (i.e. the one from Quartz), it interrupts the audio I’m listening to. It might be a podcast or music, any kind of background audio.

I’ve noticed it happens reliably when an article has embedded a tweet containing a video. Just today, however, there hasn’t been anything apparent that should’ve interrupted the audio, and yet it happened.

If there’s additional information I can provide, let me know. Thanks for your great service.


Same happens to me too. Like you said, sometimes there’s an embedded media but sometimes when I just open a story. Not sure what causes it but I can try to help to fix it.

It always happens the first time I open an article. I don’t think I’ve seen it happen on the article list, though.

Since last update newsblur has started taking sound channel from Spotify unnecessarily.

Now when transitioning to article viewing all sound stops.

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I replied on another thread, but this is now a top priority bug and I hope it will be fixed in the next v8.1 release. I’m thinking it’ll be out sometime in mid-December if not earlier.