More unread stories after reading all unread stories.

When reading only unread items in a feed, sometimes I reach the end of stories in the Stories Pane and the Feed Pane, but the site in the Feeds Pane says that there are still unread items. If I click on the feed again, the remaining unread items will then appear.

It seems like this happens on feeds with lots (maybe >10) unread items. It also sometimes happens multiple times per feed, i.e. I click on the feed, read about 10-15 stories, run out of unread stories even though it says there are more, I click on the feed again, read about 10-15 stories, repeat.

I get to the end of a feed, but it says there are more unread items:

I click on it again, and I can read them:

I took these screenshots August 6 at 1:05 PM, so I don’t think this is the result of feeds being updated while I’m reading them.


This is happening to me all the time. Even with 7 unread stories, sometimes it only loads 6, and I have to click on the feed to load the last one.

How new is the last unread story? Has it come in while you were reading the site? What’s your username and which sites are doing this regularly? I take it you have them on Newest/Unread-only?

The unread stories are older (i.e. not new). My username is rramding. I’ve seen this with lots of feeds–some that come to mind are Splitsider, Schlooby Kitten, and Uncrate.

I do have it on unread-only.

Here is an example-

I read everything in this feed, but on the right it still says there are 5 unread.

Then I click on the feed again, and I can read the remaining items (take a look at the dates):

I just added another pair of screenshots.

“Has it come in while you were reading the site?”

No, since the total of unread items is already shown when I click on the feed. For instance, Engadget is now showing 33 unread stories. I kept reading (pressing “j”) and when it reached the end, there’s still 12 unread stories (shown next to the feed name):

I then clicked the feed to load the remaining 12 unread stories and reach the real last story:

In this particular case, it has gone from 12 unread stories to zero, but it is pretty common to remain 1 last unread, that I have to click on the feed again to load it.

Another case. Failblog started with 103 unread stories:

Then reached the end and stopped at 49:

Then I clicked on the feed to load again and stopped at 19:

Then stopped at 7 (very common!):

Then reached the end:

All my feeds experience this issue differently.

My username is korg250.

Well put together. This very closely matches my experiences.

My Default story order is Oldest/Unread-only.

I get this quite often as well! And, as far as I’ve observed, the stories that aren’t loading the first time were all posted well before the X of “Updated X minutes ago” indicator (as in rramdin’s first screenshot and korg250’s third).

So I just pushed through a huge bug fix that took care of many, many unread story count issues. Let me know if it fixed this issue.

Unfortunately not for me. I have logged of and closed the browser before testing.

Hi Samuel.

Do you have any estimate when this issue will be fixed?

I am having this exact same issue. Click, read through articles, still some unread, click again, smattering of articles for the entire date range of the original load. Occasionally goes to three times through. This is with oldest first/unread only.

I’ll get around to it at some point, but I have Demo Day this week and then lots and lots of meeting all next week. The problem for me is that I don’t get this, so it’s probably some slow fix that requires me to make an update and then wait two weeks. It’ll happen soon enough.

Note that this is only with unread or oldest-first. I just have to dive in at some point, and I’m just up to my eyeballs in meetings for the next week.

I just signed up for Newsblur today, and I am having this issue. I have to repeatedly re-select feeds to whittle the unread articles counter down to zero. The number of unread articles will show as X, and the number that I can reach with “J” or “N” is X - something.

I’ve been getting this too, just figured the system was pulling down feeds after I logged in, the more obscure ones perhaps.

This is what I’ve been thinking. I’m only seeing this behavior on high-traffic sites (gawker sites in particular like Jalopinik and IO9)

Who complains about unread (NEW) stories … I thought that was the whole point of Newsblur.