Last version crashes on iOS

Here we go again. I download the 6.0.0 update, on top of a perfectly functional previous release, and now it does the usual stuff: crash after showing the logo. This in on an iPad with iOS 8.x. Same problem after reboot.

I am sorry to say, but the frequency of this problem suggests poor quality assurance. It is unacceptable for a paid app. What’s so difficult in properly testing the app before release? It’s software engineering 101. Why the rush?

I am changing my top rating in the App Store. I love the app, I just did not pay to become a beta-tester.


We’ve been testing it for two months and it’s passed all of our checks. We will be submitting a fix as soon as we identify the crash. This is the first I’ve heard of it and I have to think its an iOS 8 bug. Is there a reason you’re not on iOS 9?

Beta testers are more likely to have iOS 9 than 8, which is why this fell through.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. This does not change the fact that the previous major release (5.0.0) crashed exactly the same way.

No offense, but you have to be prepared that people will have various iOS versions. My mini 2 (which is basically a Mini 3 minus the fingerprint sensor) came with 7, which I upgraded to 8.3, which slowed down the tablet obviously. This behavior is well-documented for a lot of iOS major upgrades, so smart people tend not to upgrade the iOS, unless they want a new device every 2-3 years.

Of course, you can just use the Pareto principle and not invest in those 20% of your users with older iOSes.

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I’m running 8.1.4. Same problem. Insta-crash.

8.3 same problem. Lots of people have busy lives - kids, jobs, etc- and updating their OS isn’t high on the priority list while everything is still working, especially when the OS updates are usually buggy right away too.

I changed the method NewsBlur uses to add keyboard shortcuts a few months back and didn’t notice the new method required iOS 9 (the keyboard shortcut display is also new in iOS 9). Should be fixed in the next release.

Any idea when that will be? I use this app multiple times a day and having to use the site on my phone browser sucks in comparison.

Well in my case it’s cos the device performance is reduced on iOS 9 (iPhone 5S). I got the issue running 8.1.3. instant boom.

Going the upgrade route really isn’t for me.

If the app doesn’t support it, then it would have been nice to have filtered out the iOS 8.x users from the release which was ‘the one to beat’

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We’ll be submitting the app today and it will hopefully get approved in a few more days.

Tell you what, if you want an update today just give me your email address. Either reply here with it or send it to and I’ll put out a TestFlight build for you. That way you can be back in no time.

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I’d love an invite, thanks.

I’m experiencing frequent crashing since updating earlier today. Using an iPad Pro with iOS 9.3.1 I’m on WIFI. Usually seems to happen as I’m moving to the next item with a swipe.

Same problem. iOS 8.4.1 on iPhone 5s and Newsblur crashes inmediately upon opening- and I just gave it a 5 star review on the App Store for being such a great app!

The app has been submitted yesterday and should be approved soon. Email and I’ll send you an invite for TestFlight tomorrow. That will automatically upgrade to the latest version when it does come out and you’ll get to use the latest version now, which fixes the iOS 8 crash.

To continue with the problems on iOS 8.x, now the browser interface defaults to the starred stories, and I cannot change it to unread-only. I tried it in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on iOS 8.3, all with the same result. As much as I love this product and respect its creator, more (developers) is not always better.

At this point, Newsblur is unusable on my iPad. I am waiting for the new app to be approved by Apple.

I was able to replicate the Starred Only problem in Firefox 43.0.2 on Windows 10 64-bit. I am not able to see any stories except for the saved ones. Same issue in Internet Explorer.

I don’t know whether this is a database problem or a Javascript problem, or just a targeted user account problem (when I log out, I am able to see only unread stories), but I am definitely growing more unsatisfied with the response here by the hour.

It would be nice if, in the future, the developers would go by the basic tenet of medicine: first do no harm. Or: if it works, don’t “fix” it, better is the enemy of good, and so on.

It really irritates me to see all the bitching about this. I’m having a lot of crashing myself as I mentioned above. I wouldn’t say it’s unusable on my iPad but it’s taking a little patience. Haven’t had any trouble on the iPhone, however.

I really appreciate the effort being made to add functionality to this application. “If it works, don’t fix it” is what brought us google reader. Adding functionality sometimes introduces bugs. In this case, the well compensated, 50 person beta testing team managed to miss some. Oh, wait…

Right… In this case the devs are probably doing a certain amount of their own testing.

Quit whining. Spend some of that typing on describing the circumstances of the crash so they have something to work with and create a solution.

It’s been now 4 days, and my iPad app crashes on start, while my web app only shows the saved stories.

I understand that this is a startup, I have a lot of respect for Samuel Clay. I can take occasional growing pains, and I rarely “whine” about them, but when both the iOS and Web apps are unusable, it’s a f-up.

Maybe Newsblur needs a separate stable channel for mature/business users who want reliability, and a developer channel for people who want new toys at any price.

Web app problem solved once I clicked on Unread at the bottom of the feed list.

At this point, I can wait patiently for the new iOS app. Thank you.