iOS app pausing/hanging/freezing/crashing when viewing stories


I’m encountering some quite frustrating behavior with the Newsblur iOS app. It’s been happening for the past few months, likely longer. (I’ve finally got around to posting about it!)

When navigating from a list of stories to an individual story, there is sometimes a very long pause on the story view, with only the loading indicator present (and spinning). It stays in this state for about 60s, after which I sometimes experience an app crash (30% maybe). Although the pause is not entirely consistent in terms of its frequency, it definitely occurs every single time I use the iOS app (a few times a day).

There is also a related frequent problem: sometimes when reading a story, touch input is ignored, effectively causing a the same pausing/hanging/freezing/crashing behavior as above. Attempting to interact with the view to scroll or navigate yields nothing. It sometimes recovers gracefully after a min, but it also craps out an equal amount.

I wish I could troubleshoot this more but iOS makes it difficult for end users. :sob:

(Now that I’ve written that out, I realize I could probably dig around for crash logs to see if there’s anything interesting logged.)

Looks like I’m currently on version 10.1.1, and I’m still running iOS 13.7.

Thx for any guidance!


Not sure if it’s related, but my iOS app is using 12.4gb of documents and data. :grimacing:

See this other thread I replied to a few years ago: Lots of Documents & Data