Lots of Documents & Data

Since I started beta testing version 5, I’ve noticed that NewsBlur’s storage/cache on iOS keeps growing. I thought this might’ve been a TestFlight feature (keeping as much info for the developer as possible), but the problem still persists in the publicly available version 5.0.1. I have Offline Stories/Download Stories turned off, preview images turned off and preview descriptions turned on.

When I “Delete offline stories…” NewsBlur reports that it’s “Cleared all stories and images!” but when I go into (iOS) Settings–>General–>Storage & iCloud Usage–>Manage Storage, the amount of storage NewsBlur occupies doesn’t change. i.e. iOS says that NewsBlur is storing 244 MB of data, I delete offline stories and images in NewsBlur settings, and iOS still says that NewsBlur is storing 244 MB of data.

The only way I’ve found to clear the storage is to reinstall NewsBlur. Am I missing something? Are other people having this issue? Are the preview descriptions really taking up this much space?


NewsBlur doesn’t store anything unless offline is turned on and preview images is turned on. Otherwise, that’s just the standard OS-level cache for the web views inside the NewsBlur app. I could possibly lookup how to attempt to clear those caches, but 244MB sounds about right for a cache.

How much free space do you have? iOS is letting NewsBlur take up a couple hundred MBs for web view caching because there is probably space for it. There’s also a ton of logging, but I figured that was cleared automatically by the OS. Perhaps not.

I just turned off a ton of logging and will submit v5.0.2 later tonight.

I’m not strapped for space by any means. Though I remember in previous versions I could use the app for months and iOS was reporting only 30MB of storage used. However, I was on an older device with less storage.

So if I have a few extra GBs of storage available, could NewsBlur’s cache conceivably grow to fill all of it? A few weeks ago, I noticed the cache was approaching 600MB, second only to the Music app regarding space used on my iPhone.

But if this is the way iOS operates, there isn’t anything to be done. 

Thanks for turning off the logging and the wicked fast response/app update.

I suggest reinstalling once 5.0.2 comes out and then letting me know if its still growing.

Ok. That’s not a problem at all. Thanks Sam!

This is still a problem a while later in Newsblur 6.1.1 on iOS 10.  I don’t have offline stories, image previews, or really much of anything cached, and the storage in the app was up to 840 MB.  It seems like the cache is just growing and growing, so it would be very nice not to have to reinstall the app and redo all my preferences every time I want to clear things out.

After reinstallation, the Documents & Data went down to under 3 MB.  I certainly don’t expect it to stay  that low, but I’d like something that lets me limit the size of the cache, or manually clear it.

Yeah, I’m up to 4.5 GB. Second in used storage only to my music library.

I was at 4.5 gb the other day. I deleted the app and reinstalled. The problem with that is you have to re-change all the defaults. Is there another way to free up the space? Deleting Offline Stories didn’t do anything. I keep that turned off anyway.

i have the same problem with high “documents & data” usage for newsblur. here’s my story…

prior to a wipe-clean-and-restore-from-backup of my iphone a few weeks ago, i was at 2.4 GB, IIRC. now, a few weeks later, i’m up to 550 MB.

my offline stories preferences are set as such:

* download stories: yes
* download images: no
* store 500 stories

i just tried to “delete offline” stories, and there was no change in my “documents & data” usage. (i force-quit settings and newsblur before re-checking). in fact, after relaunching newsblur, I’m now up to 557MB.

i remember looking at this issue a long while ago, and attempting to decrease the amount of stored offline stories. i’m fairly certain it didn’t affect the “documents & data” usage. i might have had “download images” enabled prior to my restore; i forget. that might have contributed to GBs of storage usage. (while writing this, i testing enabling “download images” and my “documents & data” jumped ~90MB to 640MB, so maybe that’s got something to do with it.)

FWIW, my usage pattern of newsblur is probably around 10+ times daily. i appear to follow 1111 feeds (found via organize sites, flat list, DOM inspector).

i can’t imagine text taking up that much space… unless of course, it does due to UTF-16 or something worse.

Newsblur’s “Offline stories” are disabled (and have always been disabled) on my device. Preview images is disabled and preview description is NOT disabled. I’m at 4.75 GB and deleting offline stories doesn’t decrease this amount, so perhaps it’s 4.75 GB worth of previewed descriptions?

I reinstalled a few weeks ago myself because I was at that point close to 5gb. I’ve got offline stories off and preview images off. I’m also already back to 2.75gb of usage.

Just a side note, when I go into certain apps, it lists the content individually that’s in the Documents & Data header, and allows you to clear it from there, though the ones I’m finding are all Apple apps.

I’m having this same issue (iPhone 6+ running 10.2.1). Got a memory warning and found that Newsblur was using 6.5GB, even though offline stories was off, etc. Reinstalled and it’s now 9.7MB. Only took a minute to re-install, but still it would be great if there were some fix for this.

 same issue here, keep having to reinstall. :frowning: