Intelligence Trainer - "whole word" option

I would love the option to specify a “whole word” when highlighting a phrase while using the Intelligence Trainer.


Hacker News gets tons of articles, and I’d like to prioritize articles covering Go.

The result is that I also get articles that have a partial match.

With this option selecting, only " go " results would get highlighted green.

Thanks for listening to the idea!



Hmm, the only thing stopping this is that spaces are trimmed from that training classifier. if you trained " go " (note the leading and trailing spaces), then it would work. I’m not sure how to square that with the reasonable restriction that those classifiers *do* need to be space trimmed.

I would feel that the approach of “I highlighted a space in this location therefore I want this actual space in my classifier” is fine, it may just be a change on how the match is done.

The training still have that problem,the same happens with inoreader,if newsblur find a way to fix it,it would be amazing