Increase Days to Read Unread Stories and Warn of Expiry

All of the reasons that justified upping the number of days back in 2013 remain true today:

But the cost of premium has gone up, and upping the number of days would be a nice perk to go along with it.

Whether or not the number of days is increased, it would also be nice to receive some sort of notification that unread stories will soon disappear (maybe 5 days beforehand)? I can envision an unobtrusive, dismissable bar at the top or bottom of the screen indicating how many stories will expire in the next few days. Or maybe there would be an option to get the warning as an email?


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I think warning emails would quickly become overwhelming, both for the server and the users. Another feature which I requested in the past is to sort feeds by “oldest unread”: Sort feeds by most-unread and oldest-unread.

+1 for increasing the expiry time, but my experience has been that many stories are expiring far earlier than 30 days. See my post here: The Dreaded Ten (ie, aggressively deleting feed item)

I like the idea of an “About to expire” feed. Often times, I’ll skim something and then mark as unread so I can go back later and dive into it. Sometimes I don’t get back to it. I’ll see it in my other views and tell myself I’ll get to it tomorrow. Sometimes I get to it, but I know a lot of times it slips away and I miss it. Totally my fault, don’t get me wrong. A feed that says, “hey dummy, read the stuff here or its gone in two days” would be useful.

This would be a great solution!

You can approximate this for many feeds by filtering All Site Stories with “unread only” and “oldest first”, and rather than marking things as unread, just save them - saved stories never expire as long as they’re saved.

For feeds that expire earlier than 30 days because they reach the maximum number of stories (which could be anywhere from 10 to 500, something I wish I understood better), I don’t know of a good solution.

Yes, I could utilize the save feature, but I reserve that for items I want to save long-term (or really forever). This “About to Expire” would be more of a reminder not to procrastinate to the point of missing something.