Sort feeds by most-unread and oldest-unread.

Newsblur silently destroys information about unread posts, after either the post is 14 days old or the feed reaches 100-500 unread. Staying ahead of this fray can be overwhelming. One solution can be the option to order feeds by how close they are to losing information. Some possible algorithms can be:

* Order by the number of unread posts
* Order by the date of the oldest unread post
* Order alphabetically, but if a post’s unread are close to filling their quota or expiring, bring those to the very top

I try to emulate this in my current workflow, which is:

  1. open All Site Stories unread-only and oldest-first
  2. click the first story, read everything in its feed
  3. repeat

I imagine this is not very friendly to the servers to constantly open the river-of-news just to find its oldest story. Or perhaps calculating the feed order on every page load would be just as expensive? Either way I would really love this feature.

The preference dialog can also be a place to notify users of this important silent-information-destruction bug, which is as yet undocumented.

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Boy, you’re really selling me on this idea by calling it an information-destruction bug, which it is not. Anyway, I plan on adding new sort orders as part of the new batch editor.

Any updates on this? Thanks!

I just realized you’re probably talking about the Organizer:

This does not address my problem. Most-unread and oldest-unread were never offered as sort options, and I don’t want a one-time rearrangement. I want a mode where the folders dynamically re-sort themselves.