Images aren't appearing for specific comic feeds

I have the Dinosaur Comics feed in my reader (Dinosaur Comics!). Recently, it’s stopped displaying images, and the links appear broken. Looking at the console, it’s saying that every image is generating a 502 (example below). Images display fine for other, similar feeds. Any thoughts as to what the issue could be for this specific feed?

GET,s0C1xObkf90MdqceqMDLSuIrIja4DTlHF0q-0f26q4UE=/ 502 (Server Error)

Just want to second this. Dinosaur Comics images aren’t loading for me either. I’m wondering if it’s because all the links in the feed are still http instead of https and something is doing some cross site protection that’s disallowing http. Pure speculation there though.

For the last few weeks the Questionable Content comic has been missing from the feed.

The URL for the most recent image is this:,sRCNLhErFXPYA8NktbYBWMxIKBg4VKBkKgGl8pBVgUPA=/

But if I view it directly I just get a “Newsblur is down” message.

I get text from the post, just not the image.

also freefall comic.

combined two thread on same subject.

I’m also getting it on multiple feeds that include images, but not all of them. The last time I had this issue, it had to do with the firewall on the backend.

Looks like the image server fell over due to a misconfiguration. I’m working on getting it back up.

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