Images Won't Display

Images won’t display in NewsBlur, I get broken links. If I click on the page title, the page will open in a new tab and all the images display fine.

Am I the only one having this problem?

I am having the same issue at least with some feeds.

This seems to be an issue with the newblur image proxy, so nay sites that do not server images securely will be impacted.

Got any example feeds I can take a look at?

Here is one I have issues with

Here’s one:


Here’s another…

One more…

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Just to add to the links I posted, those were all working fine until a few days ago. When I click on the header and open the original sites now, everything including images display as they should.

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I think this may be some kind of DNS error or issue, regardless it seems like nothing can load

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Figured it out. Was related to the downtime we had over the past week. When I finally fixed it by migrating mongodb servers, I re-enabled the firewall and it blocked the image proxy, which is fairly new and hasn’t gone through a new DB server routine. In fact it’s been a year since I’ve had a DB server fail on me. So anyway, I added it to the firewall rules and it should be good now.

EDIT: Whoops, that was not it at all. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the firewall. Still looking…

Whew that took a while. Yes it was the firewall but it was a different port. Fixed!

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It does indeed seem to be fixed. THANKS! This is why NewsBlur is the best!