Homepage Story Lists show empty when showing unread only oldest first

This seem to happen every now and again and then starts work again.
This time it’s been like this for a couple of days.
I have All Site Stories and Infrequent Site Stories on the homepage, both set to unread only and oldest first. Both show nothing despite there being plenty of items in both lists if I click them in the sidebar.

If I set them to newest first they populate, but that’s not really useful.
If I set them to all items oldest first they also populate, with items from 2012, so again, not very useful…

As of today they are both working again. For now…

Let me know if they stop again. I don’t know what happened but I suspect oldest first might be mixing with something unexpected.

The all site stories section is blank again.
It had items this morning, I read a couple of the oldest ones, when I got back to the Dashboard it was blank. Infrequent Site Stories still has items, but All Sites Stories look like in the screenshot above.

So it looks fine in Newest First but not in Oldest First? Can you try moving to Focus mode and seeing if that helps load some stories? I suspect stories are being hidden.

Yes, unread only newest first work. All stories work with both newest and oldest first.
The only focus mode (that’s the toggled in the bottom left right?) that makes anything appear is saved, which is weird seeing how none of my saved stories are actually unread (they are all to old to be marked as unread).

Tonight it shows three items that are all from the last hour, definitely not the oldest unread items.
My laptop shows nothing, figured I’d check in case it worked on one computer but not the other.