Feed keeps adding back read stories as unread.

I’ve only noticed this on one feed - ZeroHedge. It has happened to me probably dozens of times. I will be reading that feed or the folder it is in, and out of nowhere it will add back as unread a lot of stories I already read or marked as read.

It just happened and ~80 stories from earlier in June got added as unread.

Why is this happening? And can it be fixed?

Thanks in advance,

Longtime NewsBlur user

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I’m seeing the same thing in the feeds for Apartment Therapy and Deadspin, but only for articles published since mid-afternoon last Friday. 

I have this with many “shared stories” feeds. The counts list a number unread, but clicking on the feed shows no unread stories, and yet marking all as read resets the counter to zero. In addition, anytime I “save” a story for later, my own feed shows up in shared stories with an unread count, even though nothing in my own feed is unread.

This means I end up with 40 or 50 stories a day “unread” in shared stories, despite having read them all. Unfortunately, I can’t just mark all as read in bulk in shared stories–have to go to each problem feed individually.

I try to complain as little as possible because I love NewsBlur so much and am so impressed by what you do. I can live with this problem. But if you are looking at it…it would be even better if it were gone!

Thanks as always.

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Please include the newsblur.com urls when talking about specific feeds. This is the URL after newsblur.com when you load the feed on the web.

I made some changes last week and that could have some effect, but I need as much detail as possible. If you read an individual story, does it stay read? Does it flip after a few minutes or a day? Or immediately?

Here’s one right now: https://newsblur.com/site/383989/dangerousmeta

Count shows 1 unread story, but the feed shows no unread stories.

The following three shared feeds currently show 1 unread story in the count but none in the feeds:


They’ll stay that way until I manually reset them; this has been happening for a long time, so I’m used to periodically going through and zeroing out the counts, which is why there are only three at the moment (I usually let it get up to maybe 100 or so before I bother).

Just happened again. I navigated to NewsBlur.com for the first time today, then went to this folder

But this feed: http://newsblur.com/site/95462/zero-hedge has over 100 unread stories back to July 7th. I had just marked the entire feed as read yesterday, and now stories from last week are back to unread status for the 3rd time.

This has happened off and on to this particular feed for at least a year. Seems more often lately though.

Happened again. I opened NewsBlur for the first time today, and the feed http://newsblur.com/site/95462/zero-hedge incorrectly has 331 unread stories, all the way back to July 15. The unread stories count for that feed was at 0 on July 20, so most of those stories have re-appeared for me as unread when I already have read them.

Do you need more info from me to help debug? Any idea what is this causing this?

Thanks a lot in advance

Tom, what’s your username? I’m going to search the logs to see if I can find it. I subscribed to ZeroHedge and have been monitoring it, but I eventually stopped checking it. This is a serious issue and should not be happening whatsoever, so I’m going to try and figure out what’s going on. Especially if it seems feed specific.

So my subscription is fine, as the last unread is from July 15th, when I last read it. So there might be something fishy going on with a client. What do you use to read NewsBlur? iOS, android, web, and what percentages?

My username is vmotvmot.

I almost always use the web client. Once in a while I use the Android client, maybe 10% of the time.


Ok, there’s something fishy going on with how the Android app is marking that feed as read. I found a log entry on July 15th that you marked the zero hedge feed as read on android (or it did it for you). Do you ever mark the feed as read manually? It’s possible the Android app is doing so for you, but I need to confirm.

We need more of you Sam. Only one person to answer all these questions is sometimes frustrating. Only been waiting 3 days for an answer, but it seems like a lifetime. Have anyone else to support you or looking to pick up some people to help you?

Don’t think I marked a feed as read manually on Android that recently (7-15).

Wait, are you responding to the correct thread? I’ve been on here responding within the day for this entire thread. And besides, if I could fix it I would have already. I have to investigate this one like many others.  

If you’d like me to respond to a thread, just ping it. I’m happy to come back to anything.

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My apologies Sam. I was referring to a different thread https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/topics/gamespot-news-rss-feed-error  . You’re doing great work btw.

Screenshot of the continuing issue. I have to go through and “mark feed as read” per feed. Like I said, not a complaint…just information.

Same feed - I read all stories manually on Sunday night through the NewsBlur web app. Just now when I opened NewsBlur, I see that there are unread stories for the ZeroHedge feed back to 7/23 which I already read. I opened NewsBlur earlier this AM, and I’m almost positive there was only ~35 unread stories in that feed, but now there are ~85.

Let me know.

Just happened again. Making NewsBlur almost unusable. Reading a folder “Economics and Politics” and out of nowhere, 232 stories added to the ZeroHedge feed, dating back to 7/23. I’ve already read all those stories.

Ok Tom, I’ve loaded ZeroHedge back into my subscriptions and will be checking on it regularly.