Feed cut off after 100 entries

One of my feeds typically produces some 150 to 300 entries over the course of the night. I went to bed late last night, so there were only 144 unread entries in the morning. NewsBlur, however, only showed exactly 100, and I couldn’t scroll further into the past. Is that a temporary limitation that will be lifted again when it’s migrated?

I can’t lose any of those entries, and I need to be able to see all past read entries as well.

My account name is Ponyfeeder (premium account). Below a screenshot.


Bumpity bump.

If this is another hard limitation I’m just going to cancel my premium and switch to TinyRSS.

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I would like to see a response to this too - I’ve been coming back to this topic hoping for one, and given the developer’s responsiveness, I’m surprised not to see one yet.

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tonyduckles has already posted this issue on GitHub, including code for an alternative date-based approach. Also no response.

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Setting up Tiny Tiny RSS was a breeze. Now I can compare better. (Careful, version 1.7.5 is buggy; I used the dev version from the repo where it is already fixed.)

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Major bummer, yeah. Hopefully such issues will be fixed soon, after scaling work is done.

I inquired via Twitter about the maximum number of unread items that NewsBlur will keep track of. The developer was good enough to respond. He stated that the current cap is 300 items. Though the said this limit only applied to popular feeds. He also said he’d be raising it in the future.

I’m in the same situation. I follow several photoblogs. Some of them produce 500 posts per day easily.

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Let’s hope so.

I linked the exact numbers above. 300 is the limit or feeds with 31 to 50 subscribers in total or 4 to 5 premium subscribers.

I don’t think RSS is the right use case for those kinds of high-volume feeds…

Maybe it should work as you expect and not just cut you off, but I believe that your approach to the problem is flawed. In my opinion RSS is best used for feeds with relatively low amounts of output, not such 300 posts/night “monster feeds”.

  1. Your use case is not the only true use case.
  2. The cut is actually could be as low as 100 posts.
  3. Google reader works fine here.

The issue is not only about 300 post/night feeds, but also with 20+ posts/day news feeds that read once a week and similar cases.

I love how people try to impose their own habits on other users.

RSS is an absolute necessity for sites with huge traffic and sites that don’t have regular update schedule.

You can’t manually track such sites.

What do you suggest as an alternative to RSS in these ‘high-volume feeds’?

Adding a bump to this as it is still an issue for me.

The limit is 500 stories for most feeds, but single subscriber feeds can be as low as 100. That’s the limit to the server and I won’t be able to raise it until I can handle the current load. You’re free to run your own hosted instance, but the limits are in place for a reason.

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For reference, I pay $16/year for 10GB of email storage (that’s years of not deleting anything for me). $24 for 100 messages per feed? I understand that there are growing pains at present so I don’t feel too bad about this for now, but do understand that it seems unreasonable in the long term.

I mean this in the most positive and supportive way possible. I look forward to when you have made it through the big transition. Have a great weekend!

Headsean, if you were on Reader then I doubt you had more than a thousand unread items, as Reader itself had a 1,000 item max. In fact, I cut Reader’s limits in half for both stories and unread states, hence why I have the defaults I have.

I’m sorry Sam, but that simply isn’t even close to true.

It would take an incredible amount of time, but I can guarantee that each of those entries would be counted down until 0 if I went through the standard view pane, story by story.


The only limit that I know is marking items as read after one month, but they are still accessible after that. There is no quantity limits.

Yeah… this is just incorrect.