Dark Theme for Browser ?

Do we know if this is something remotely in the works ?

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I have been using this Stylish theme. Works and looks quite well: https://userstyles.org/styles/124890/newsblur-dark-theme-by-splike

Thank you, I’ve just installed it. Looks legit. However, should I be concerned about the privacy warnings after I installed the Stylish extension ?

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Stylish is one of the more popular browser addons/extensions out there and due to the nature of browser addons/extensions it’s open source (meaning in theory someone would have noticed if it was up to something bad) so there’s little reason to be concerned.

The warning is still true though and it’s something that one should keep in mind about all browser addons/extensions.

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Thank you.

you can use tampermonkey replacing stylish or adguard for userscript

I’m the one maintaining the Style linked above by cmj.
I hope you like using it.

If you have any comments or requests, just let me know and I’ll do my best to answer/implement.

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No complains so far ! Fast, simple & clean ! Thanks for the effort !

love your theme

I’d love to see a stripped option (dark/grey or silver?) for the articles list

Bought time I added it to Goodies. You can now find a link to this under Manage > Goodies. Thanks for keeping this up to date!

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It says we can install the style as a user script. Can someone tell me more about that? I don’t want to install more add-ons than I need to.

Thanks! It’s much appreciated!

I see what you mean. So every second story is dark and every other is silver.

Visually it would make the screen too busy. And I’m trying to keep the Style in line with the regular version of Newsblur - which is few clean colors.

But you are of course welcome to create at style that changes just that part of the UI.

Good. I’m glad you like it!

User Styles are css files that are being placed over the regular css files of websites.
To do this, you need an extension that does this for you, every time you load the site.

Hmm. 1. Doesn’t work for the grid view. 2. Scroll bars are way too big. 3. Scroll bar’s background is still not black - this happens if a user builds something just for his own good (which is perfectly understandable).

The grid views is on the To-do list. About the scroll bars being too big, can you post a screenshot? Because I am not seeing it on my end.

Thank you! (grid view on the to-do-list). Sreenshots above: U can see the non-black scrollbar’s background, and (of course I forgot to mention that and sorry for that, too): The scrollbars are too big only in consideration of a Chrome-Addon which reduces the scrollbar’s width of ANY OTHER website, including NewsBlur, but not when your Style is at work:


Looks like the usertyle has a segment for scrollbars, likely with the intention of darkening them as well, the standard chrome bright scrollbars might be annoying on such a dark style.

The addon you use for the scrollbars almost certainly work by injecting css just like stylish does and in this case stylish is overriding the changes already done by that addon just like it is overriding the normal look of the site.

If you edit the userstyle and remove the section under /* = Scrollbars = */ but over ``` /* = Splash Pane = */ you’ll probably get your scrollbars back.

Perfect, worked! Thank you  very much!