Congrats on your approaching swarm of users via the Google Reader exodus!

Hopefully you can scale quickly and convert many of the users. :smiley:

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Yeah… I want to go subscribe for another year, even though there’s probably 9 months left in my original $24. Take My Money!

Yep, I think there’ll be a massive explosion of users coming today. I’m one of them (had an account but didn’t use it too frequently, I’m now switched!).

I just jumped over too. Things are slow going right now but I expected that with the annocement today. Hopefully I can give legit feedback once things settle down but as for right now this system is pretty much unusable for me.

I’m a completely new user, and managed to register, import all my google reader subscriptions (albeit a little sluggishly) AND pay for a year, without too much hassle.

I understand the huge load, and hope the site gets well soon, because it’s really promising :slight_smile:


You’re definitely looking at a lot of new users, so please update your mobile app!

I was thinking the exact same thing. All of the gReader users are looking for alternatives, and this service needs a good boost. I’ve already recommended this as an alternative to the few hundred people that follow me. Time to step it up!!

Honestly, I’m happy to see things like this go to the little guys as I believe it better to support the independent developer community instead of the larger corporate sphere.


I switched from Google Reader to Newsblur about 2 hours ago (I was one of the “exodus” crowd) - even though it took me about 45 minutes to fully transfer my feeds over due to website traffic, I was so happy to finally find an alternative to Google Reader that I glady paid for a $3/month Premium Membership.

Thanks everybody. Sorry about the slow down. I just went from a single app server to 6 and am now booting my 7th and 8th. Unfortunately, the databases are not sharded, so there’s now quite a bit of work in order to make the next bottleneck scale out. But it’ll happen all before the July deadline.

Don’t forget the re-design:

Switched and loving it, signed up for a premium account after trying about 5 alternatives. Figure service’ll be rocky for the next while, but it’s quite usable on

Gonna have to retrain my fingers to hit the arrow keys instead of n and p to move between stories, though :slight_smile:

Samuel, you’ve made an awesome service!
There isn’t another RSS service anyhow close to NewsBlur in terms of managing subscriptions and reading, really reading text news. All that competitors can offer is a creepy social-network like bloatness to view lolcats and sport news.
NewsBlur, in the opposite, is powerful as Outlook. And that’s really great!

A couple of months ago I gave NewsBlur a try and didn’t like some interface features, but now looking at I didn’t hesitate a minute to go premium. Totally worth it!

How difficult is it to transfer your feed from google reader?

Keep it up. Just waiting for performance issues to sort them selves out and then I’ll definitely use it and pay some :)) for my 56 google reader sites imported :slight_smile:

Almost no trouble. Exporting from Google Reader doesn’t work good, guess because of the load issues. But exporting OPML from Google and importing to NewsBlur works nice.
Import messed only one folder from Google Reader, fixed it in a few clicks.

You can try out the new version at which is currently still coping. Same backend so your account and feeds should all be there.

Whoa, Sam, I am digging the redesign!! Still (totally understandably, given the surprise time frame) a few issues to be worked out, but this is great! Nice to see that quite a few of my custom CSS tweaks won’t have to be remade once this goes live :smiley:

Woke this morning to see the news and went into a panic until I found NewsBlur.

Manged (after some understandable slow points) to transfer my feeds over and sign up for a premium account and what I can see so far looks good.

Appreciate that for the next few days the system responsiveness is not likely to be typical so don’t worry and keep doing what you’re doing!

I really like, it’s a great replacement for Google Reader. I’ll upgrade to premium as soon as the server load goes down.

Oh man, a FOSS RSS reader in the cloud?

Shut up, here, take my money.