Filter out certain topics

I have two news feeds (common news, like you see it also ion TV).
Unfortunately, many topics are bout sports, but I am absolutely not interested in sports.

I am searching for an RSS reader where I can filter out all News, that contain certain words in the subject.
I want to see only the news, which are NOT filtered out.
But I also want to see all filtered ones to quickly check, if I have missed any interesting news.

I did not find out, how to do this in NewsBlur.

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If you use the intelligence trainer feature, you can mark words from the title (or tags from the feed) with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Then, you can change your view to only show liked stories - it’s at the bottom left of the web UI, where the default is a grey circle (all unread stories) and you probably want the green circle (all unread liked stories).

So, I think what you want is possible, but I have to say that I would also like a feature to more strictly block tags/words I don’t want to see. I normally use the “all unread” view rather than “all unread liked” because feeds aren’t consistent enough in their wording and tagging for me to trust I’ll get everything I care about in the liked view.

I sort of want the opposite of the liked view - everything that’s not disliked.

How can I see a list of my filters?
Words, that I have disliked.
In the Android App.

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If you open a specific feed, then tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right, then select intelligence trainer, you can see everything you’ve trained.

I had the same question/suggestion in the past, see here:

When I use the “Intelligence Trainer” to mark some news as “bad”, the I can view them im the Web-UI by clicking at “Show Hidden Stories”.
The only thing that I need (and also @ArminWeb needs this) is to have this feature on Android too.
Maybe this is existing already, but I did not find it yet.

Intelligence Trainer for Multiple Feeds

I have 4 RSS feeds, two om them are from the German PC magazine

  • Heise Security
  • Heise Online News

In both feeds I want to filter out the same words like:

  • Offers for online trainings
  • All articles beginning with “Heise+” (you have to pay for these articles)
  • All topics related to Apple, because I am using Android (here I have about 15 bad words)

Is there a way to have just one list of words and apply it to multiple feeds?