Android app: XKCD images don't appear in story view


for a few weeks or months now, in the Android app, XKCD images have consistently shown up as thumbnails in the feed view, but not at all in the story view. most (maybe all) other feeds with images are behaving ok; XKCD is the only one i’ve noticed this on consistently.

feed URL is . i’ve attached screenshots. thanks in advance!

app version: 7.1.0
android version: 8.1.0 (OPM3.171019.016)
device: LGE Nexus 5X (bullhead)
sqlite version: 3.19.4
username: snarfed
server: default
memory: normal
speed: 193 feeds in conn:752 read:99 parse:56 store:39
pending actions: pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: yes
notifications: no
keepread: no
thumbs: yes


Hmm, we’ll look into this. Let me also ask you, did you just copy and paste the text from GetSatisfaction and bring it over here? We should also have the forum link changed.


thanks! i actually sent the the app-generated email text to the clipboard, instead of to the browser, and then pasted it here. but yes, changing its post URL from GetSatisfaction would be great too.


Tested that exact story on all five of my devices and haven’t seen any issues. My first suggestion would be to ensure that your network connection was good (NewsBlur pre-fetches quite a bit of data and can work just fine when the network is bad, but images might not load unless you specifically enable image prefetch) and that your Chrome / WebView components in the Play Store are up to date.


thanks for testing! and sorry it didn’t repro.

i have background image download turned on in preferences. the bug has happened a number of times now, across different environments and networks. it’s obviously fine if the download fails sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to retry later when i view the story on a good network. maybe it should?

Play Store shows I’m on the latest Chrome, 66.0.3359.106, and Android System WebView 65.0.3325.109, updated Feb 28 2018. no button to update that one, but it seems pretty recent.


Is anybody else seeing this?


i am. i also have prefetch images off, but it’s only affecting that feed, so i don’t think prefetch is it.


After much, much digging: looks like there was a brief period where was returning a good response code for requests, but wasn’t actually responding with the expected images. Good enough that both our image cache and the Chrome image cache thought they were worth keeping. We currently just check for a good response code and minimum sane file size, but it looks like we may need to add some advanced cache eviction to handle cases where the response either doesn’t decode or decodes to something obviously too small to be of use.

If anyone encounters this again, please do update this thread!


if it helps, i’m still seeing this. is xkcd still not returning the expected images? it doesn’t actually bother me that much, it’s a very minor problem, but just fyi.


This appears to be a problem with the XKCD servers. Even the discussion post for the May 15 comic has a note about the comic image originally being broken/partial: I would hope that the issue getting attention on the official forum means a fix is on the way.


Have been encountering this daily, switching from Text to Story and back to Text view fixes it (or perhaps any such transition fixes it).


I’m able to reproduce the same issues (100% of the time) using this feed: