Add tagging to feeds and stories


Fully agree with Nic and let me add that tagging was a social feature in my mind when I first created this topic ! A social feature linked to the one allowing to share feeds with other or a feed that could be filtered based on tags:

sub to feeds -> read -> tag -> share

Folders have a more general/wider scope, tags allow for more details: I can subscribe to a devops blog fead on one hand, to a business analysis or project management on another, wich would be filed in the relevant folders, and both sites may publish articles on requirements management which I would tag accordingly. Then I could share a feed based on the “requirements” tag… full featured content curation !!!

Furthermore, if you offer a public view of your newsblur, tagging immediately turns your feed reader into you “Personnal Daily”

Finally, in my current usage, I’m every days posting a _number_ of articles from my feed reader to my bookmark to be able to fully tag it. If I’d be able to tag into newsblur and had a way to post web pages to it (like with a bookmarklet), I could have all my starred content in one place, shared through feeds.

In the hope this will make clearer haw tags can be a powerfull social feature

Thanks for the good work and my very best wishes for this year

Did those explanations help / make sense Samuel ?
Is it something that you could / would make sense to implement ?

I hear what you’re saying. I’m going to be launching something called Blurblogs as part of social. It may have some of what you’re looking for. Wait til that launches and then report back. Dev beta within a week and a half, launched by March at the latest, I’d say.

“blurblogs”… hmm that sounds sexy !
Keep it up !

how can i add tag to a feed item and have rss link for this tag

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if we have this tagging system you can use by adding rss link of your tag and it will automatically added to your fb or twitter

Interesting use case. IFTTT for an RSS feed of tagging items. I can’t build this in the near-term, but this is something I’d love to build. This helps prioritize it a bit higher.

what about tagging system with rss of each tag just like greader ?will this be avaliable near?

tagging + rss + ifttt will be the best social solution ever
i use google reader for this but i have a problem of google can’t update private feed

any updates?

I’m building a large social branch. While tagging will not be immediately available, you might find that was an interim solution, sharing stories will work for now. After that ships in its first, basic form, I’ll have to prioritize the following: tagging, search, customizations (custom feed order, reading oldest to newest, only unread stories), and bringing training and social to the iPhone app.

Samuel, are you also building in the ability to generate RSS feeds from different aggregated folders / feeds ?

Just curious, what would you do with such a feed? I mean, I come to NewsBlur to consume feeds; generating feeds here would never occur to me… but maybe I’m missing something.

Hence why I haven’t built it yet. I mean, it wouldn’t be terribly difficult, but I just do not see the use case.

Well, I could use this. Google Reader had an RSS feed for the saved stories so you can boast and share to other people the stories that you found interesting. I miss this functionality in Newsblur.

Good news! I built RSS feeds into social shared story feeds in the soon-to-launch social branch. In fact, I’m working on the invite request page for the private beta right now, launching later today.

But I really do love that use case on social feeds. Less so on public feeds. I’ll be building tagging on shared stories soon enough.

Wow…was it something I said ? Just kidding.

Social / public - I kind of lumped those together and maybe it was my use of certain terms that mislead this use case up the wrong ally. Apologies if it was not clear, however that’s what discussion is for, so thanks for staying open minded.

Anyway, exciting news. Count me in if you need beta testers.

Throwing my voice on this one too!

My friend collects GIF images to use as responses in e-mails, so if he runs into a gif in any of his feeds, he tags it in Google Reader as “Reaction GIF.” Then when he needs one, he can go to his repository of GIFs and quickly scroll through them. He uses it completely separately from sharing features, it just lets him internally catalogue his data.

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Me too…I would to add my own tags to stories so I can find them later with more ease.

From what Samuel said

“I built RSS feeds into social shared story feeds in the soon-to-launch social branch”

something is in the dev pipeline, however not sure of time scales yet and may depend on who else votes for this request as its user driven.

Its holding me back at the moment and I’m still trying to find a solution (other than hosting my own rss aggregator) which I’m trying to avoid due to desktop and mobile integration requirements.

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