Add tagging to feeds and stories


It would be great if we could add personnal tags to feeds and stories, all the more for untagged feeds.



Good news (again) !

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Any news on this Samuel as I and I’m sure many others will be looking to move away from Greader very soon and your product could be promising.

The ability to “tag” items and create public feeds from those items (which google removed with the new G+ updates) is essential.

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Planning it as the very next feature. I’m working on a Site Settings dialog that will allow you to change a feed’s address and site link. In fact, I just finished it last night, but I have two massive migrations that will need to be tested, profiled, and then run at some point this weekend.

Awesome Samuel. If you need a beta tester then let me know.

Wooooohoooo !!!
Hardly waiting…

This would be awesome

Happy New Year All!

Have you got a release date in mind for these features yet Samuel ?

Turns out Social is a bigger priority than custom tagging and search. Social has about a month left to go (and that’s a release. Beta testing will hopefully be coming within the next 2-3 weeks). This will come afterwards.


Just want to throw my hat in the ring on this. I would far rather use tags than folders. That was one of the real strengths of Google Reader, and I would love to see it here as well.

I think I would rather see Social first, so I’m in agreement with your priorities; I just want to comment here to ensure this is also high priority.


Can tags be nested like folders?

And so you know, you can have a feed in multiple folders. It will update exactly like it should as you read stories and the unread counts decrement.

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Understood on the priorities.

Tagging something has always been simpler than placing an item in a folder based on other readers / apps, so here’s how I’ve used it.

For example I’d like to be able to place an item into a theme (tag or folder) on my mobile device, desktop or wherever (which is synced with a central feed manager/aggregator) and then produce a feed from that which I can send to other people / places.

Ideally I’d have a mobile app that has a method for themeing items quickly (using tags or folders) as I skim read posts or do it online which updates all tag/folder and associated feeds.

Select a tag was always the simplest/fastest. Open to other options that can help me replicate the above.

But you can do all of that with folders, save for the RSS feed part, which is a planned future feature.

How are other people using tags differently than folders work today? Just that you can read all of the stories under a tag or combination of tags? That feels pretty super-user to me. I like to try and cater to everybody, in that any feature I build I expect to be used, or instantly useful, by most users.

OK if I can do that with folders then great Samuel.

Do I have to physically move (drag and drop) each item to a folder or can I select the folder while reading the item on desktop / mobile for it to be moved to automatically ?

I’m looking to skim read and organise on the fly and I appreciate that the features you pick must be for all, so if this is not possible then I’ll understand.

You should be able to just right-click the feed and move it to a folder. Then add the site to multiple folders as you would any other site (suing the Add Site dialog. Hit the ‘a’ key).

A real tagging interface would allow you to add a site to multiple folders without having to add the site from scratch each time. That may be something I add to the “Move Site to Folder” dialog (copy vs. move).

Its each feed item that I’m interested in adding a tag / label / folder, not the whole feed.

Sure, feed will go into folder for general categorisation, but I’m looking to go another level deep.

So, yes feed items may go into multiple tags / labels / folders.

From what you’ve kindly explained Samuel it doesn’t sound like its going to be able to do what I want, which is a shame.


What’s the point in tagging items in a feed? So you can search for them later? You wouldn’t be able to pre-tag items, so it would only apply to read items.

I see folder as a way to mange feeds in the reader.

Tags and labels are a way of doing something with them other than reading them.

For examples I may have these feed folders;


However I see an article that I would like to do something with so I tag or attach a label to it so that its like a todo or action.

From this I can generate a secondary feed of those actions / to dos for all of those items that interest me from within the folders.

Does that make sense ?

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So it’s for saved stories only, huh. OK, I can add that, but it’s not a top priority. I imagine in a few months time I’ll be beyond social and iPhone training to actually get to pet features like this. It shouldn’t be extraordinarily difficult, but maybe there’s more to tagging than just saved stories. A social element that might fit into the social branch I’m working on.

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It’s for stories I’ve read / am reading so I’m guessing they are classed as saved stories / feeds ?

Sure, it could be. Depends on what your social features are going to be.

One example of using a tag in a social context might be for articles that you want to tweet out or send to facebook.