Active story marker in the story titles pane jumps for a moment when pressing space

Hi. I noticed that the highlighted story in the story titles pane jumps for a split second to the previous story when I press space to scroll the content in the feed view. Happens in Firefox and Chrome so far.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. go to a feed (make sure you’re in feed view mode)
  2. go to the second or below second story
  3. press space while in feed view -> notice how the marker jumps to the previous story and then back again

Hmm, I think I know what you mean, but I’m not getting that. I thought I fixed that bug late last week. Is your mouse indicator (the red dorito) locked in place? Is your mouse in the Feed view?

Hmm. You’re right. It seems it’s not always reproducible. If I put the mouse in the story view to update the lock marker, it doesn’t do this anymore.

Here’s how to reproduce it:

  1. select a feed
  2. keep your mouse out of the feed view and the story view pane
  3. navigate with the keyboard: “j” and “space” and notice how at the second story, the active story marker jumps up when pressing “space”.


Hmm, I really can’t reproduce this. Let’s see if I can figure out what’s going on. When you move your mouse off of the Feed view, the last position becomes the new “locked” story line (where that indicator would normally delineate). Perhaps I should lock it to half-way down the screen/viewport if you haven’t locked it yourself and your mouse is not over the Feed view. Do you think that would do the trick?

No, the mouse doesn’t arrive in the feed view at all. Here’s how I do it; I can reproduce it anytime now, like this:
0. make sure you’re in feed view mode

  1. select a feed from the list of sites on the left
  2. leave the mouse cursor there, on the list of sites. Don’t move it over to the story lists of the story pane
  3. press “j” to go to a feed. Then press “j” again to go to the second feed
  4. after you arrived at the second feed, press “space”. This is when the marker jumps to the previous story.

It may have something to do with the fact that maybe the dorito locker not being instantiated because after I move the mouse in the feed and the dorito moves, it doesn’t happen.

Heres also an image, I hope it will help to clarify this:

Had a good long look at this one and came up with a solution. Technically I didn’t change how stories are highlighted, but I did drastically change how the story indicator works. It is now always shown on the Original and Feed view. It also hides and shows as you switch sites and views.

Here’s the commit:…

Did you deploy this on dev? Because I still experience this jump issue.

Right, you will, but now you can see why. It’s because of the location of that active story indicator. If you lock it in place higher up, the selected story won’t jump.

Remember, you’re hitting space, not next (j/k, up/down). Because space is not tied to a story, it’ll just select what’s under the active story indicator line.

Hmm… strange. The active story indicator is pretty close to the top of the feed list by default and I still experience the jump.

Are you sure you can’t reproduce this? Because it’s a very obvious and easy to reproduce issue.

Indeed, after I lock it, the issue doesn’t happen anymore. But now, when locked, the indicator doesn’t stay in the same position as I left it between website/application loads.

Whew, what a good find. Adrian, I need to get you on payroll someday. Fixed and will be deployed shortly.

This is still happening even in production now.

Similar to this?…

No. That is a different issue that I haven’t experienced yet because I keep my story titles pane at the top. And I can’t reproduce it in Firefox 10 (and neither in Chrome 20) if I configure the story titles pane to be at the bottom. But it looks like a pretty grave issue. Maybe it’s related to this:… ?

Any news on this? It’s still happening. You might have figured this out by now, but it’s happening when “Story titles pane” is set to “Top”.

It’s not a major issue, but it’s distracting and annoying seeing how the grey line jumps up and back when you press space to scroll the story down.

This is a very hard week (as the past two weeks have also been) to get anything done, as Demo Day is tomorrow, and then meetings up the wazoo. I had your original comment as marked unread so that when I finally have time I can go back. I’m up to 40 comments that I need to reply to. It takes about an hour to go through ten, so I’m going to spend a day sometime in a week or two hammering through, including this. Sorry about the delay. I’ve been pulling 15 hour days for the past 3 months as part of Y Combinator, and now it’s about to crescendo into real meetings and a major new initiative.

Oh, right… I’ll be patient then. I hope everything works out fine with the demo day and the meetings. Good luck!

Oooohkay, I think I fixed this exact issue. Let me know if it works for you. Seems to be an issue only with top-anchored story titles and locking the story title indicator.

Yep, works fine now. Thanks.

Regression? This just reappeared.

Just checked, looks fixed. Make sure you’re not on I keep meaning to shut it off, but then I use it for testing new stuff and leave it running.