ZeroHedge site not working for last few days - please fix.

The feed for stopped working a few days ago.  Can you please look into it?  I am a paying premium subscriber and this is one of the top two sites I read!  I’ve tried to reset the site myself, but can’t get it working.  Thanks!

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Awesome, thank you - that worked.  

Curious - how did you find that feed?  I have some other sites that are broken, but am not sure how to find a working feed.

Zerohedge has vanished from both of my NB interfaces, Android and browser. Other updates seem normal. Premium subscriber.

Got a suggestion?

something seems to be going on with feedburner for several sites recently, but

seems to be working right now


Puzzling. I switched to All from Unread and then discovered that the feed was Muted. I don’t recall muting it.