Zapier integration for Newsblur

I would like to see Newsblur integrated with Zapier (a business-primarily version of IFTTT). The reason why I prefer Zapier to IFTTT is simple, it allows much more possibilities. E.g. while you can trigger IFTTT when a new task is created on Toodledo, Zapier allows you do the action only if such task has a due date set and it’s note field contains a defined string.

What do you people think, wouldn’t Zapier integration be a super option to have?


I’d be interested in making this happen, just needs the votes and for people to chime in.

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I thought you were already planning on Zapier integration.…

Took a backseat to more pressing features.

Do you have a publicly available list of the features you are planning to implement?

Samuel I’m the curator of a popular mobile development newsletter. Newsblur is one of my primary sources for locating quality content. I would love to be able to hook up a Newsblur -> Zapier -> Curated workflow so any saved/liked items automatically get scheduled for the next edition. Zapier -> Curated workflow exists, what is missing is Newsblur -> Zapier.

Feedly has support for Zapier integration FYI.

I just need more people to chime in asking for this. I’d love to build it, but it has to be prioritized. Coincidentally, I was just chatting with the founder of Zapier this past weekend. But integration remains low priority until enough people ask.