Youtube video length?

How does Newsblur determine the length of a Youtube video from a channel’s feed?
I ask this as I subscribe to the F1 Youtube channel ( FORMULA 1 or Newsblur site) - the one latest post has a Duration: 1.1019444444444444:00:00
Was wondering how that was worked out? I don’t see it in the XML content to maybe that’s what is being given from Youtube itself?
I do know that " Video unavailable Watch on Youtube" is normal on the feed so don’t worry about that.

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I’ve been seeing the same thing for a while now. I first noticed it around the time I switched to the beta, but it may have been happening longer without me noticing; it definitely happens on both the old and new designs. Attached is a screenshot of the issue.

It does seem to appear for videos over an hour long.

Thanks for reporting this, this has now been fixed and deployed. It should work retroactively on some videos.

Here’s the ticket: