Youtube player sometimes missing from for Youtube feeds

Feel like it has sometimes appeared or disappeared for an item that I’ve clicked but decided to watch later, when I cam back to it it had appeared/disappeared.

The NB-youtube-player div is simply empty, there isn’t even an iframe.

The player is currently missing for the last couple items in this feed 6400668

This is happening to me as well. Both web and iOS.

I am having problems with youtube feeds as well. I notice an affected feed always has an incorrect duration “XX:00”, and sometimes “insta-fetch stories” will correct it. This is rather frustrating and I hope it’ll be addressed soon.

Same here. Would love to see a fix.

Seems like it’s been happening more and more often to me, to the point now where I almost never see the video in my feed. It’s fairly annoying as I had been using Newsblur to filter my YT subscriptions and just hitting the “Watch Later” button in the player for anything I was interested in.

Same here, it started as the occasional video, but now the majority seem to be missing the player

Thanks for reporting this. I found the issue and will have a fix out shortly.

Fix has been deployed and may very well be retroactive, which means older stories should be fixed, although it may take up to 24 hours for all stories to get fixed. Let me know how that works. And if a YouTube feed is missing its video in the next 24 hours, just Insta-fetch stories and it should pop in immediately.

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Thank you very much!