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I have been using NewsBlur for some time now and I’ve never had any issues. However, when I logged on today, all the YouTuber’s usernames which are usually shown have been replaced with “YouTube Help”. When I click the link, it comes up with a video from YouTube called “Device Support”. Has anyone else had this issue? None of my usual videos are showing up. Weirdly, all the videos which say “Device Support” are at the same time - 17th April at 4:23pm. Can anyone help?


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Youtube has eliminated support for RSS readers, such as Newsblur. See

for more discussion of the issue.

Not quite true as it turns out… They’ve killed their old API which their RSS feed was built on. The new API does indeed (to the surprised of many) support RSS, though the feeds are rather limited at the moment (just a link to the video and incorrect date).

Still, all information one might need is in that link.

Head over to reddit for the new URLs. Good thing NewsBlur lets you easily change the feed links. :slight_smile: