Youtube feed not showing any video

Some of my feeds dont show any video when i click on a new post.

For example

This is what i see

Same with this

Am i doing something wrong?


Is it possibly a flash issue (likely flash not enabled or “load unsafe scripts” in chrome? I could not tell what browser you are using and I know YouTube is supposed to be using HTML5 for stuff there are still videos that only play with flash for me.

Latest Firefox

Not logged into NewsBlur currently but I think Firefox has something similar about loading insecure items that you may need to disable on the site (or globally like I did). It is also possible it is an issue with the feed or something but given that some work and others don’t that is why my guess was on flash. 

I’ve seen this issue on Firefox 37 and 38 and Chrome 42 across two Newsblur accounts with both http:// and https://

What layout are you in? Grid, List, Split, or Full?


Split, layout left and single story. If i click into “list” they do then show and if i get back to split again they still show. If i click away to another feed and then come back the problem comes back.

I made a screen capture to show the problem

I have the same probelm and wrote about it here:
I’m using split view as well.
Did some testing, and apparently the video dissapears in split and full view, but shows up in grid and list view.

Well, I can see one obvious difference between split and list mode.
Split mode:


        " rel=“nofollow” target="_blank" title=“Link https//wwwyoutubecom/embed/zJqMoPIvOxk/iframe”>">;

List mode:


        " rel=“nofollow” target="_blank" title=“Link https//wwwyoutubecom/embed/zJqMoPIvOxk/iframe”>">;

If I add style=“padding-top: 50%;” in split mode the videos appears. Specifying a height for it also works. Removing absolute positioning for .fluid-width-video-wrapper also makes it appear. Oh CSS is funny…

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Any update on this?

I’ve got this as well, feed view with story layout being split & single story. It doesn’t matter if I’m viewing a single feed, my Youtube folder or All site stories. Happens both on Firefox and on Chrome as well. Personally I’d be happy with just seeing the thumbnail, since I’m gonna go to Youtube to view the video anyway, but I’m probably in the minority with this.

OK, this has now been fixed. It required some refactoring for how stories are displayed in all views (and when switching between them). I fixed a couple other bugs having to do with single-story mode as well. Let me know immediately if you spot anything out of the ordinary. Just make sure to reload NewsBlur.


Great job - many thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, seems all good to me now.

It works perfectly now. Thanks!