You know how people have "RSS" buttons on their website? Their should be a "Newsblur" button. That will be the new RSS button.

a quick button that allows you to subscribe to someones blog via Newsblur. This would be great for sites that don’t have RSS anymore.


If you install one of the browser extensions (Firefox, chrome, and safari each have their own under Manage > Goodies), you can click on an RSS button and have it open up in NewsBlur.

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“for sites that don’t have RSS anymore”
they have no rss to subscribe to…

if it is your site:

choose your icon…
or in the blog

to the beginning of the feed url like…

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There’s also a great service named Feedity ( that allows creation of an RSS feed from most sites that don’t have one.

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I’ve spent some time trying to work out how to install the extension - Safari 7.0.4 on 10.9.3 and it’s beyond me. The download appears to be a .app, the documentation suggests that extensions should have a different extension.

Never new something like this existed! Thanks.