"You can only share up to 20 stories per day." occurring on web version

While trying to share through the web I received the message “You can only share up to 20 stories per day.” I saved the article I wanted to share and restarted my browser. When that did not work I logged out and logged back in and still could not share anything. Is anyone else seeing this?

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Yes I just added this an hour ago. I’m surprised you hit it so quickly. What’s your use case that you’re sharing > 20 stories per day?

We have friends? I just had a friend who couldn’t share an article because of this new error. We are both pro. Please remove this ASAP or change it to a sane limit >= 100.


I share a lot and tend to catch up in bursts, as a pro user this is a pretty important requirement.

Can you not see how many people share >= 20 per day in your own stats? 20 is severely anemic for the number of articles one can blow through in a day (the purpose of RSS/NewsBlur?).

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I checked and of the 311 users who shared a story in the past 24 hours, 6 of them have hit the limit. You’re going to have to give me a bit more context for why you want to share > 20 stories per day, as I’m battling spammers and people who are abusing the sharing feature.

Samuel, we pay for pro. Are spammers paying for pro? If so, can’t you nuke their accounts and make them pay again? Spammers rely on free transit of their messages.

For examples, check Courtney’s. I look at all his shares. He skips for days and then catches up and I rely on his curated shares. His username is zipcube.

Please don’t remove features from *paying* pro users that we actively use and impose some random limit just because most haven’t shared > 20 in the last 24 hours (a very small sample size).


if its a matter of spammers then whats the issue with limiting it to premium users? its a core feature of heavy rss feed usage, I read hundreds of stories a day, if i share .5% of them, that would still be over the limit.

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Ok, I bumped it to 50 per day for premium users.

I don’t think 50 would cover weekend catch-up days to be honest, is that something you can query?  username: zipcube 
edit: is this per calendar day or per 24 hour rolling period?

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Rolling 24 hours

I do a lot of sharing of video game stories, links to reviews, etc for friends, plus any movie stuff or cool tech i come across.

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This limit is going to be a problem for me. Can you add a premium plus level with a higher limit (100)? I’d be happy to pay more so I don’t have to switch to a Feedly Premium account for $65/yr.


I use the API to pull my shared stories each day into link blog posts on my site (alvinashcraft.com). I have a Windows Live Writer plugin that I wrote to pull in the stories and build the posts. https://github.com/alvinashcraft/linkblog-lwplugin

I asked about a higher tier on twitter also :slight_smile:

If it’s an issue with the sheer volume of shared stories over time, what about implementing a setting to auto delete shared posts after a certain period of time? User can choose 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc. I would be ok having mine disappear after 3-6 months.