WTF happened to all of my feeds?

After NewsBlur returned to service, all of my feeds are gone (not marked as read, the feeds themselves are missing). They have been replaced with 22 of someone else’s feeds.

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You’re looking at the demo account. Your feeds are still there. The issue is that your browser lost the cookie to NewsBlur. This happens because sometimes there’s a conflict or something weird happening on an Original Site (which gladly writes its own cookies to

You should be able to just logout and log back in. Let me know if that works. Otherwise, clearing your cookie, while not trivial, is something reasonably easy you could do. I’d be glad to help with that.

Also, I’m thinking pretty strongly that you’re on IE. Is that so? IE does terrible things to cookies when you write so many. Not sure what the solution would be, but I want to know if this is going to effect more users than just IE.

I just checked my account from Firefox, and my feeds are still gone.

OK, what’s your username? I can restore your feed list easily.

So I’m back at work again, and my feed from my work computer is still broken. My username is tcastellani08(

I have your backup, but I noticed you already have a bunch of feeds. Want me to merge them in or just overwrite what you have?

I went ahead and merged in your “Subscriptions” along with all the feeds you added. If those feeds aren’t yours, you can easily delete the folder.

Can you confirm what you’re seeing versus what you added?

Yay! I can read the interwebs again!