Wrong number of sites followed

I’m receiving feeds from 15 sites right now, but when I go to “chose your 64 sites” it says that I have 18 sites active… but into the same window It shows my sistes that are just 15, this is strange, can you fix that please? Or explain me where I’m wrong :slight_smile: thanx!


Have you recently deleted sites? I’ve run into the issue where deleted sites will no longer show up in the left sidebar, but if you right-click a feed and choose settings you can still find them in the dropdown on the top-right. Also if you choose “all site stories” items from those feeds will continue to show up.

Yeah, it’s true! It shows into the dropdown menu! But they don’t show up into “al stories”… how I can remove this feeds? I have also a duplicate feed lol

Okay I’ve explained it here how you can fix this issue https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…

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Ok, thanx Man! A suggestion for other users… if you have, as me some “untitled” feed, fill them with a really working feed, don’t leave them empty. And then use the same fix as suggested by Livven.

bye bye :slight_smile: