Wrong feeds being displayed in a group

This has been happening for a few days. When I click on one group of feeds, sometimes while going down the list items from a different group will start being displayed instead. See the following image as an example.

I was reading the “Funny” group, with only items from MLKSHK currently unread, when before reaching the end of all items the feeds from the “Game News” group start being displayed, and continue all the way to the end. I need to click on “Funny” again to see the remaining items.

Note: I keep all my groups set to display Unread Only and Oldest First.

Not sure if this has been reported before, I couldn’t find similar posts.



You know, I’ve noticed this on iOS occasionally. It only happens when I’m reading a folder for a little bit. And when I start paging, it starts loading the All Site Stories folder. Can’t figure out why. I have an expiration on the folder set for an hour, so unless you’re reading for 60 minutes, it shouldn’t switch.

That might be it. I sometimes start reading something and get distracted by silly things such as… you know, work. I don’t recall if that was the case today, but I’ll try to pay attention to it next time it happens.

I’ve noticed similar problems when calling the API.

If I fire off 10 requests together (one for each folder - river of news requests) the results often have the subscriptions appearing in the wrong folders.

The problem still occurs if I request a single folder/river 5 minutes later.

However, if I wait for each request to finish before issuing the next, then it seems to work OK.

Maybe this will help identify the problem?

So today I noticed the problem happening even without a pause between reads, so I would say it is probably not related to expiration times.

Okay, here’s what I found out:

  1. It is not related to expiration times. I can replicate the bug at will, multiple times within seconds of each attempt.

  2. It only happens to a few folders, and the selected one always display feeds from the same unselected folder.

  3. It does not depend on marking items as read. The problem happens as the list of items is being loaded and can be replicated just by scrolling the list, and seems to always happen after the second time the list loads additional items.

  4. It only happens if the folder is filtered by Unread Only, Newest First. All other filters display correctly.

  5. It also only happens if you switch to the “bugged” folder from any different one. When the problematic folder is selected and you click on it again to refresh the list, the bug does not occur.

Hope that helps.

Here’s an update on my findings too…

Using the river_stories API, if I have 10 folders:

  1. If I request page=1 for each of the 10 folders - All OK

  2. If I then request page=2 for each folder - not OK, sometimes the data gets mixed up. I think it’s fairly random as to which data is wrong. Some folders are OK but some are not. I haven’t really noticed any pattern.

  3. However, if I request page=1 then page=2, page=3 etc for one folder, then 1,2,3 etc for the next folder in sequence it all seems OK

Hope this helps too :slight_smile:

Yes I have noticed this problem too also via the API.

Steps to repeat.

  1. Get page 1 of “river of news” for all feeds.
  2. Get page 1 of “river of news” for a folder (Say “Windows Phone”)
  3. Get page 2 of “river of news” for all feeds. (this will return the results from page 2 of “Windows Phone” folder.

It seems to fix itself if you in step 2.5 request page 1 of “river of news” for all feeds again.

Hope this helps

This seems to be fixed now.


Hey, I fixed this on Friday. Thanks for all of your help!