Wrong feed being added

When adding some feeds (e.g. FreewareGenius feed: http://www.freewaregenius.com/feed/) instead of adding the original feed, the whole subscription gets reset into some arabic-like site with the address at “thendral.blogspot.com” and the respective feed.

This issue has already been reported over 6 years ago at getsatisfaction.com forums, but apparently it’s been still appearing ever since.

try it now? (though the last article on that site is from 2016, so i’m not sure how much use correcting it is.)

I confirm, now it works flawlessly and the correct feed is being added.

Indeed the site contents is outdated at the moment, but I’ve hear they’re going to resurrect.

Thank you for your help!

no problem! this did not require a dev fix; it’s doable by us users. i clicked the dropdown arrow for the feed and went to site settings, then pasted the correct feed address you provided in the “RSS/XML URL” field and hit the parse button.

if there are a lot of feeds redirected to that thendral site, though, it would need a dev to run a search to develop a list of them and automate the correction.