Wordpress blog - comments RSS only fetches main feed

Wordpress blog here: http://janelindskold.wordpress.com/feed/ - subscribing to the comments RSS feed (http://janelindskold.wordpress.com/co…) only fetches the main feed.

Worked fine in GR, causes Newsblur.com to hiccough (I’ve tried subscribing by directly adding the feed to Newsblur.com, via the Chrome “Add an RSS feed” extension. Weirdly, adding the link directly in the iOS app worked.


Not only am I having this problem, but it appears as if several of my comment-only WordPress feeds have, at some point in the past, deleted themselves from the folder they were in. I have no idea when this happened, but I had a dozen or two sites in that folder and now I only have a handful.

I worked around this problem by running a script on my own server to grab and cache the various WordPress comment RSS feeds I subscribe to. I then point NewsBlur to my hosted copies instead of the original site. It’s kind of an ugly workaround, but the script looks a little something like this, in case anyone is interested: https://gist.github.com/BrianEnigma/8…